She’s giving up.

So my faithful songwriter servant of 15 yrs is giving up. The keyboard I’ve used since I was 18 to write my songs on.  I can’t say I’m suprised because it’s a very simple, cheap thang that’s been alive for longer than she should have. But her timing is impeccable. Right when I’m rehearsing for the big show on friday. Oh well, luckily I have alternatives. I’ll probs get a new one this autumn.

In the meantime, here’s a contender for this year’s best animal selfie! 😀


Daylight saving time

Some days are celebrated at the same time all over the world. Like International Women’s day. Some aren’t.

I get some and I don’t get some. Like Father’s/Mother’s day can be on completely different days all over the world. Still looking for logic there.

Daylight saving time however, I get. I depends on where in the hemisphere you are, right? In sweden it’s March 26th. I am totally prepared. How about you? Is your bucket ready?



Ahhhh, f*ck…

I can’t really do more than quote myself now, from Attica. What… in the living… hell?  I have no words. My condolences, America.

And for those of you not going to Canada, if you’re looking to move to Sweden, let me know and I’ll get you settled. Although, to be fair, the whole world will probably end up a big poop house now that agent Orange is in charge.


Another music weekend

Attended Music and Business again, this one I actually found really helpful. We had listening sessions and Frank Ådahl, a teacher at Musikmakarna in Örnsköldsvik, actually gave some helpful pointers of constructive criticism. While he was very careful not to seem too authoritarian, reminding us “I’m a person, you’re a person, what you say goes just as much as what I say” I could actually take most of what he said, with a pinch of salt, to heart. We had this one weekend where I played my stuff and the A&R clearly was only into two music styles; House and musical. So my stuff sounded like “musical” and I immediately thought “how can I actually do anything with what this guy says when he hasn’t listened to this kind of music ever in his life?”

Another example of not so constructive criticism is this guy throwing off the headphones, pouting; “I can’t listen to this sh*t”. Yeah, I’ll just see what I can do with that, douchebag…

But this wasn’t one of those times.

Oh, I heard the “sounds like Kate Bush” again, but I am used to it and I take it as nothing but a compliment because she does amazing things.

There were these moments when it got way too serious; “Maybe the breakdown sounds too different from the rest of the song, if you’re not going for dramatic, Queen-like?” First of all, when am I not going for dramatic and I love Queen? I should say he listened to Attica, I previously posted a link here. And… well you know… it goes from “You’re in hell, a trembling shell” to “the rainbows and ponies are skipping”… It’s clearly meant to be a dream sequence very seperate from the rest of the song! Also meant to be a little funny. It’s the first song where I’ve actually censoured my bad word (F*ck) and he warned me about American audiences and swear words. The same audience that welcomes Tori Amos singing “starfucker” and “I believe in peace, bitch”. I think I’m OK in my genre, I really do. He really hasn’t heard my worst.

And while I do agree with him calling for a little extra oumph in some song parts, I think we need to rethink how easily the audience gets bored. I don’t see how they have the time to be bored when I play a 2 minute song. But fair enough, I will add the oumph, mainly because I had thoughts of doing it before but wasn’t sure.

Anyways, all in all it felt productive and inspired me. Oh, by the way, snow is here! And my car doesn’t get winter tires ’til next week, I was so sure I made the appointment in good time and felt sooo proud of myself. So… yay, snow, but also, hey snow, a little early, aren’t we?

Musical madness!

I was in Sthlm this weekend, for Phantom of the Opera. I know, I know, you see Maria and you think “musical” but I’ve had my guilty pleasures. Got curious about a lot of them as they are referenced in pop culture quite a bit. Le mis and Miss Saigon; deeepressing but good, bring them handkerchiefs.
Spamalot and La cage aux folles; funny as hell.

Review of Phantom to come, but here’s a n excellent teaser;


Inspiration in unlikely places

It’s impossible not to be inspired by my Ekehagen job. I mean, the kids alone… The things they say, the honesty, and their absolute happy. No dimmer on it. The other day a kid asked me if I had kids on my own, and I fessed up; “well, no…” and I was prepared to get pummeled with questions, like I usually am, like: “why, do you hate kids?” and no, nothing like that… “Too bad, if you had kids, they’d know so much about history” Oh… well… true dat!

Today’s shift I got to work with another guide, if the classes are big, like over 25, that’s the usual procedure. And we realized we were both gimps. So I did everything dextrous (her hand is hurt) and she did the walking and talking. A perfect balance, one which I am yet to experience in any other jobs I’ve taken on.

It’s funny, usually it takes a music seminar of some kind to get the juices flowing if they are running short. But being outside for 5 hours, just experiencing joy with kids on my level of mentality (I’d say I’m about ten mentally) works wonders too! I’ve layed down some crazy sampling today.

To really clarify where I’m coming from, here’s another one of those pics of my work environment. It’s fairly decent.

Blessing in disguise

So turns out this sprained ankle can actually be good for me. I thought “hey, don’t be an idiot” and sought medical attention. And I was ordained a sick leave because it’s sprained so bad. I can finish my Ekehagen season, because the doc couldn’t deny the positive effect it has on my psyche to be outside and hang with animals all day (and fresh air and stuff like that is healing), which I will for another two weeks, but after that, I have a short while to just take care of myself. And my secret to making good music is; I do it for me, myself and I. Purely egotistical. And that’s why it turns out pretty awesome, I’m not worrying about anyone else. And due to my other jobs, which I also love, I haven’t been able to spend the time I’ve really wanted to spend on it. I’m a workaholic. I love the effect my daytime job has on kids, and the kiddo I’m assisting. But it does take me away from ego-stuff, and I may need a short while of ego-stuff.

And I must admit, after some horrid collabs on the last album/EP, a little “just-me” work is feeling pretty good and I’m actually looking forward to it. I do have some people in the sidelines helping me, but I’m calling the shots and it feels pretty awesome. This is a change from me not long ago, I couldn’t imagine not working all the time, and I mean constantly. But feeling in control of my music in a good way makes up for it nowadays. I decided to just let go. And creativity started flowing. During my sick leave, I’ll be a song teacher for a musical, I’ll work on my album and help a friend with his studies. And I’ll finally have the time for it.

Letting go sometimes just ain’t a bad thing. Funny it took a badly sprained ankle for me to realize it, but I guess that’s why we have our occasional accidents. To remind us of that.

Speaking of hakuna matata, here’s a cat cuddling up to homegrown squash 😀




Don’t have a cow, man

I am calmer about a lot of not that awesome stuff happening right now than I thought I ever would be. Probs because of working outside 5 hrs a day, it really does make a difference. Even with the sprained ankle. And there’s terrain involved here, not gimp-friendly. But I still love it. Worked a full 5-6 hours on samples this weekend and when I’m tired, I go back to cow-licking-cow and somehow I get my strength back up. Wouldn’t you?