Getting vacation ready

Come monday, as my daytime job situation has improved immensely, I’m gonna have my first two weeks of proper vacation in forever. No travel per se planned, a few concerts and events, but really just time off. I chose my birthday week and the one following as I’ve worked on the day of my birthday the past five years and this year; well I just don’t wanna!

It’s gonna be good. I’m probably going to immerse myself in recording, but by choice, I’ve been looking forward to it. My co-workers, bless them, they like my music, but they really know nothing about that world. One of my co-workers is so proud when she gets a cultural reference, and she calls me her culture-encyclopedia. Nice, but not that challenging. And I’ve recently gotten a new Joni Mitchell album, going round the clock in my car. I was driving on the job, and another co-worker went; “oh, she sounds like you!” I tried to explain, purely musically but in layman terms, the difference between us and the answer was: “I really don’t know, I like ballads and Celine Dion. Your stuff is good, though!”

Well. As I said, bless ’em. Lovely? Yes. Challenging? Not so much. I might watch a few Gilmore Girls episodes to get in the groove, now that show presents some good reference trivia for the musician! Later on, I have some plans to challenge myself even more, but I won’t tell you for a while. In the meantime, have some bra-less, newly showered me realizing Spongebob’s eyes have a horribly apt position…

Happy Valentine’s day!

I was talking to one of my lovely colleagues and she’s also a good friend, and while she’s not even in her mid twenties she’s very mature. She wants to learn and do the more serious business we do at work, things that have to do with being responsible for medicine and so on. I am in awe of her. We seem to have lived similar lives yet there are some odd 8 years between us (and let’s face it, 20’s and 30’s are formative, so to find someone 8 yrs your junior packing wisdome at your level, she’s just way ahead of you).

Anyway, we agreed, so what if marriage is just a paper, weddings are a cool way of having a love fest and get closer to the one you love. And Valentine’s day is a day to remember the love. It doesn’t have to be couple love. It can be friends, family, pets. “You should remember every day of the year!” True, but it’s easy to forget, so a holiday to remind you ain’t a bad thing.

Otherwise I’ve been busy making arrangement for songs going on the album, and why do I insist on being such a hippie and never write my chords and arrangements down beforehand so I don’t have to figure them out again? “It’s my song, I’ll remember!”… oh… I hate you, hippie-Maria…

Anyway, pics of these logistics would be boring so have one of me making Squidward from Spongebob out of my food instead, and a nerdy Iron Man pic…



The EP-suprise!

Yeah, I pulled a total Beyoncé on you. While I leaked things from Scarletters I managed to keep quiet about the biggie. Today, when my twin cousins were born 12 yrs ago (again, family girl) I released an entire EP after the album! 🙂

Harpsichord, organs, piano, strings, drum and bass all in a neat little four song package called Scarnotes.

The only ones who knew were some of the musicians (those who needed to know) and of course the mixing engineers and recording engineers, because lets face it, it’s hard to hide it from them when you’re recording an additional four songs. Might very well be the reason this project took such a long time, and maybe I won’t do it again… but oh, sweet ride!

And the happy day has many dimensions. I got the coolest hat ever from my co-worker who just loves it when I get excited about these things… It’s Spongebob! 😀 Making an exception here on “avoiding personal life blog posts”, but I do think Spongebob transcends that. He just does. With his awesomeness.