Inside and out

OK, so I’ve been outside and enjoyed the weather, but I don’t want to stay in the sun too long, so basically I’ve been alternating between outside fun and inside fun. Working on a song with the words “sister suffragette” in it. Perfect. And of course working on and putting together my up and coming gigs! 😀



Sunday mix

The Music and Business weekends are always inspiring. Particularly today as I finally got it confirmed; I won the kazoo battle! We’re always asked to play stuff and I was like; I have absolutely nothing in check on the Randy Newman mix yet, I have nothing to show. “Then play something already out there”. “OK, Sand Box. It’s gonna be a video soon, and I just wanna know, was I not right in claiming my kazoo track?” See, the mixing technician is one of those rare creatures who hates the awesome instrument kazoo. We always need more kazoo, in my opinion, it’s like cowbell. So he mixed it way too low in the beginning, and I was like: “Noooo! I made harmonies and everything, raise it up, through the roof!” We ended up on a level that made me happy and the mixing technician very sad. As we listened today, the consensus was; Heck, it could have been louder. I won, I WON!! Ha haa! I already knew I won, but it’s nice to get confirmation.

And as we discussed how we sometimes have to let go to find the answer, I did that today, and I found the solution of what’s been bothering me in the Newman mix, I can put my heavy “Art of Mixing” book down for a while although it’s always a good read.