Live photos

Some pics from yesterdays festival. It was absolutely wild! We ran out of food and sugar in two hours. The lööööv kept flowing though. I couldn’t get two feet without a request to have a pic taken with me after my performance. They were very confused to see me working at the cafe later on. Apparently I’m a big celebrity 😉


Junkie Thrown

Nadja Itäsaari

Micke Holm



Scarnotes on Bandcamp!

EP is also on bandcamp now! Remember, you can pay as much as you want for download of EP or individual songs, but part of proceeds do go to Amnesty- stop violence against women, so let Jiminy Cricket lead the way to what you want to pay for it.

The artwork is in picture form this time, thought I’d treat you to it, and to my oh so awful and ugly current work place. Inspiring,  spending five hours a day in awesome Swedish nature next to wildboar babies! 🙂


Sarah 1

Sue Aside

Weak 2