Inside and out

OK, so I’ve been outside and enjoyed the weather, but I don’t want to stay in the sun too long, so basically I’ve been alternating between outside fun and inside fun. Working on a song with the words “sister suffragette” in it. Perfect. And of course working on and putting together my up and coming gigs! 😀



EQ Festival

I really didn’t know if I would make it. A friend asked me several times and I was like “I don’t think my energy levels are up there”. EQ Festival in Gothenburg. All about inequality in the business. Close to my heart. And I knew the arrangers and several guests. But I just didn’t know if I could physically make it. Then I forgot my mobile phone at work, already halfway there and on my way to Gothenburg. “Screw it, I guess that’s a sign”. Plus really looking forward to talking to people older than 9. I love the kids, I really do, but sometimes I just need to talk to Not-9-year-olds…

Anyways, great discussions, great music. Looking forward to more of this!


Sun power

So basically, I stick my toe out in the sun and I get colour. I’m not interested in tanning, laying on the beach, whatever. In reality I get a big no-no out of the sun and I stay in the shade as much as possible, slapping on SPF like there’s no tomorrow. But working outside I get colour. Big time. Today, I turned into a tourist attraction of my own.

The kids kept oooohing and aaahing at my tan and poking my arm to see if it was real. Man, I just wanna make music. Maybe a little guiding at Ekehagen because I love the kids. But I kinda turned into a tourist attraction of my own today, which made guiding a bit harder. Here’s a pic of my shoulder out in the sun 5 hrs a day vs my back that is covered in fabric, cloth and tank top getting not much colour on it’s own.


Snoopy premiere

Today was special. The musical premiered. We had dress rehearsals yesterday in front of an audience and they were great. Seeing the kids meeting Snoopy and the gang was pretty dang lovely. But today was even more awesome. The audience fed us energy. The theatre wasn’t quite packed but it felt completely packed because they made so much noise. Next week there’s gonna be even more people (there were plenty now but next week will be wall to wall) as tickets are sold out.

The actors were brilliant. I remember complaining during rehearsals that no one was doing the Snoopy dance. There was room for improve during dancing and I was like: “It’s a Snoopy musical and no one is doing the Snoopy dance!” So both Snoopy and Linus did it during the show. Lovely.

The only odd moment was me taking a bow in front of the audience in the end. I wasn’t prepared, and as someone else behind the scene said: “I just wondered why I’m out here receiving the cheering.” I know why. It still felt super weird, not being one of the actors. The reason why I took the job was really me not wanting to keep a high profile right now, but still getting to do what I love. But the crew insisted. So OK. I did do the whole music and audio bit (including changing keys and creating the sound) and coached them all. I played most of Schroeder’s parts on the piano and let the actor pretend play almost as good as Rob Lowe’s sax action in St Elmo. Still strange. I really thrived behind the scene. Next week I might dress up a little and be as prepared as the other behind-the-scene workers were who actually KNEW they were going on stage in the end 😛

I’ll post some pics soon. Here’s a sneak peek! 🙂



Wild boar bonanza

The weather has been winter like this spring. I’ve worked at Ekehagen since 2011 and I don’t think I’ve ever had snow and ice on the lakes (that settles and stays) come end of april. But it’s been exceptionally cold. But whatever, climate change is a hoax…

Today was good though, I love working outside regardless but there’s no denying the sunny days are a bit more fun. It does clear my head and when I went on to do some musical work my head was in the right place and I most deffo had more energy. What I love about the Ekehagen job is that they really do want to help you pull it all together. They truly appreciate you, it’s pretty rare. One of the bosses asked me about the musical and was genuinly happy to hear how I felt like it really made me grow. “Tell us if it’s too much, tell us if you need days off, if you need to rest the voice and stuff like that. We want you here and we don’t want you to be tired.”

This is full on “leftie” Falköping kommun work, not privatized, I think is important to note. Because people feel like the private sector is the only one providing work with leg room and personal space, but I’ve found it’s the other way around. Privatized work places are the most rigid ones that have employed me. My own experience of course, but worth mentioning.

Aaaaanyways, have some awesome pics from today’s photo session. Me with some stone age fishing equipment and some wild boars wondering why I’m taking pictures and not bringing them food. It’s a fair question.




We’ve moved the musical to the theatre and things are coming along in rehearsals. I’ve sent a few pics to a curious friend. “Snoopy’s dog house!” and “Look how cuddly Snoopy’s costume is!” but for the rest of you it’s gonna have to wait til it’s premiered. I can however give you a pic from the dressing room with all the good light!

Not my make up spread around. Partly because I’m a “dab on some mascara and that’s it” kind of girl, partly because I don’t have to look good under spotlights since I’m only coaching. I’m in love with the dedication from the actors, and it really does look different and makes you less tired to see the whole thing actually taking shape (although I think you can see I’m a liiiiittle tired). See you April 29/ May 6 🙂


How can you get tired of Snoopy?

Good question. He’s a lovely dog, really. A little obsessed with food but aren’t they all? But if I don’t hear a word about Charlie Brown and his friends and that beagle of his for some weeks after the shows I’m not unhappy. It’s been hard work seperating everyone’s parts and harmonies and learning them each by rote.

A lot of computer time, which is ok as long as I get to stretch my legs inbetween. But the leg stretches are getting shorter as the show is closing in.

I know I’m gonna miss everything just a few weeks afterwards, but it’s always like this on a big project, I think for most of us. Pe-heeeew to it being finished… when can I do the next one?

Website to order tickets:


Easter egg

This easter holiday I’ve been mostly chilling and taking a step back, because I worked hard before it started and I will work hard again when it finishes. I did donate some blood because I do regularly and it was time again. Talking to the nurses, they told me 20 new donators hade signed up after the Stockholm lorry attacker. Well, if something good can come out of it I’m glad. The blood is always needed.

After easter I’ll be back at almost working full time, but including all my music work, not in addition to it. I’ve learned my lesson and am taking care of myself. Doctors and Försäkringskassan (our sick leave organisation) have actually been doing a good job helping me ease into it all. I’m grateful.

Every year when I paint my easter eggs I think of someones head I wouldn’t mind smashing. It’s been everything from Kim Jong Un to Putin to Jimmie Åkesson (Swedish far right). This year the choice was obvious. Hello Trumpty Dumpty, what small hands you have.


I even checked out reference pics to see which way his weird comb-over pointed!