Sun power

So basically, I stick my toe out in the sun and I get colour. I’m not interested in tanning, laying on the beach, whatever. In reality I get a big no-no out of the sun and I stay in the shade as much as possible, slapping on SPF like there’s no tomorrow. But working outside I get colour. Big time. Today, I turned into a tourist attraction of my own.

The kids kept oooohing and aaahing at my tan and poking my arm to see if it was real. Man, I just wanna make music. Maybe a little guiding at Ekehagen because I love the kids. But I kinda turned into a tourist attraction of my own today, which made guiding a bit harder. Here’s a pic of my shoulder out in the sun 5 hrs a day vs my back that is covered in fabric, cloth and tank top getting not much colour on it’s own.


Now whip it into shape

Another weekend of musical coaching and while I don’t feel like a pro (I think hardly anyone does even when they do their main thing) I seem to be helping a lot.

I’m especially happy about one of the performers who really listens and seems to be growing by the minute. He/she also has dyslexia and some of the hardest lyrics, but literally sucks up all of my tips and tricks like a sponge. I was even able to show that person how you can have the computer read the lyrics back to you, and had to give him/her a hug at the end of the day because this is sooo not a slacker and they work hard and they GET THERE even though they’re having maybe a harder time than some of the others.

Since I don’t have a good pic to show you, I’ll leave you with a good old music video that mirrors my comments about cracking the whip. It puts me in a good mood, anyway…

Daylight saving time

Some days are celebrated at the same time all over the world. Like International Women’s day. Some aren’t.

I get some and I don’t get some. Like Father’s/Mother’s day can be on completely different days all over the world. Still looking for logic there.

Daylight saving time however, I get. I depends on where in the hemisphere you are, right? In sweden it’s March 26th. I am totally prepared. How about you? Is your bucket ready?



Lady Gaga in American Horror Story

I’m not quite done with season 5 on Netflix, so NO spoilers! But I’m enough of a music/film buff to think I can post a review with value.

It’s not bad. But it’s very Lady Gaga. I feel like they wrote the character for her, as opposed to writing a character and let her try and read for it. The cold, solemn voice, the “bitch, please”, even the parts where she acts out her jealousy. It’s her. All the way through. A part of her. She even described the role as a “symbol of social media and narcissism”, and she’s a pretty skilled social media user. I’m not going to explain this further, because I don’t want to drop spoilers, but she’s a real Mother Monster in the series, for chrissake! In more ways than one.

In the end, I think she’s a better musician than actor, I couldn’t see her go through the readings of Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates to try out for their roles. But she’s convincing in the one she’s got, for sure. And putting her music skills above her acting skills is not an insult, because she’s an absolute brill musician/music creator. Anyone who’s ever had a taste of those live performances she did at the Oscars will tell you so. And honestly, we have loads of people who try the “slash” thing, musician/actor, and one always weighs a little heavier than the other. Bowie; loved him in Labyrinth, still think musician above anything. Tina Turner, Pink, Tori Amos, Tom Waits, Loudon Wainwright. Not bad, still more musicians. Michael Jackson in “Wiz”, lovely, still a better musician. Eddie Murphy… Actor, most deffo…

Having said that, the 5th season and its plot is worth the watch. Seeing Lady Gaga act is worth the watch. But it’s not brilliant. It’s her. If you like her you’re good. So be ready for that. Still quite appreciate the work, Mother Monster!




Christmas is nigh!

Time has really flown by. I’ve been submerged in other things, so christmas kinda caught me by surprise. But I have at least attended my yearly christmas market in Germany. I am still disappointed in myself. I love christmas. I really do. There’s just something about getting in the mood. Sometimes it even makes me work better creatively. But this year, I am only letting christmas in right about now. Maybe the funky christmas weather has had something to do with it.

I mean, really, the closest I’ve gotten to watching a christmas film is Frozen, a film I regularly revisit without a small child making me. I know, I’m weird.

To fully explain my love of christmas, my ideal christmas ornament lights up, dances and sings. All at the same time. For shame that my christmas decorations are almost tasteful this year. Further proof that 2016 is upside down.

Anyway, a couple of pics from the mobile and later on some pics from the good camera! 🙂

Another music and business weekend

Being a bit sentimental I might have attended the J-pop seminar tomorrow, as it was supposed to be our last weekend. But it seems new funds have been found and it’s gonna keep going for another year of seminars, so yayy!

But today, saturday, was good. It was about the economy, and I don’t think I’ve ever attended a successful class explaining it well to musicians and small creative businesses. This one did, though! And so much has happened still, not just in music but in the way we all conduct business and trade, so it was good to know what to do with the digital invoices in your bookkeeping!

Apart from the class I’ve been working on some of the live musician tracks for the album, and also attending an acoustic Gloria Story show. Kinda cool. Different. I took some live photos of all the acts, but here’s one from my mobile phone in the meantime! 🙂