Last night in Sweden

So I know a lot of you are wondering what the hell happened on friday night in Sweden. Truth is, we would like to know as well. We have no idea. We will rebuild, thank you for your support, the pain and fear has been hard an non-existent…

So he watched Fox News and a special about or immigration problem? Fine. But he was referring to a special event threatening national security and as far as we know ourselves, it never happened. Fox news hired a specialist from Sweden, and he was supposedly working for our government, but the government didn’t recognize him at all. It’s kind of disturbing, actually.

We did have violent demonstrations on SUNDAY after the fact, but they were directed towards Neo-nazis and their attacks. Blaming that on immigration is sort of like blaming and transferring the bullied kid instead of dealing with the bullies. So we still don’t know. But trust me when I say, we will get through it…

Below is a comment from an actual Swedish politican, (right wing, even, the Swedish equivalent of a republican) who is well known.




Mixed madness

I am OK with the mixing part of production, I really am, but I’m not crazy about it. Even if you’ve done some brilliant recording, mixing takes up a lot of time. A LOT. Like today, I think I sat three hours just listening to a four-second piece of one of the songs, over and over again. Now, if you do that part right (you look at the part with the most instruments playing and try to make the whole thing sound great) half of the job is done. But it’s taxing. You get up and stretch a lot. You have to. Three songs are DONE and ready to go, so that’s good. But you still end up looking like this at the end of the day;


More cowbell!

I recorded melodica and cowbell today (and I know you’re alreading quoting that SNL sketch in your head so carry on). Realizing I don’t have a single drumstick in my home, for the simple reason that I am not a drummer, I had to get creative. I’d just finished a portion of dumplings and the chopstick where lying there, calling my name, so I rinsed, dried and got to work.

Not bad. I’m gonna have to mix it a little to get a fuller richer tone, because chopsticks, believe it or not, ar not as big as drumsticks. But I can get it there, I think! 😉


An inbetween funny post

OK, I’ve had this post break, and generally I’m still on it. Some private stuff I knew would happen over christmas that I don’t want to share (but I’ve had support from friends), and some music stuff I want to be private about too, but this funny tidbit I can share laughing.

So I took this christmas selfie (other half is kitten rummaging through christmas pressiez) and realized my boobs are absolutely huuuuge. It’s ridiculous! These babies (I call them Knocke och Smocke) just started growing after 2012 and for some reason they haven’t stopped since. I’m not kidding. I have no explanation other than that the female hormones seem to increase between 25 an 40 according to studies (rendering the notion that you have to have kids early otherwise you’re screwed pretty silly). And after I took the selfie, I was kind of shell-chocked and turned to one of the friends I was celebrating christmas with. She’s a mom so I thought it’d be apt.

“If/when I have kids they’re supposed to grow even bigger, how the hell am I supposed to handle that?” Friend: “Oh, that’s nothing. If you’re big boobed, and you breastfeed your child while tired and you fall asleep, you might suffocate them. I never had that problem, thank goodness” I pretty much just stared at her even more scared; “What the… like I don’t have enough to worry about?” Friend: “Can’t help you there”.

So there you go. Future offspring, I’m sorry if mommy suffocates you with her boobs. She was just tired.

The wet side of recording

I’ve talked before about how hot it gets when you record. Not just vocals but other things too. Maybe a surge of adrenaline or something else, I don’t know (honestly, oxytocin is a hormone released during singing but it’s supposed to calm you). Here’s the picture you’ve been waiting for. Boobies! More accurately; bra-less boobies. So the sweat doesn’t get soaked up by the cloth in the bra, but ends up in a nice rorcharch on your shirt/top.

Some pics from ze Germany

Not that christmas-y, I wasn’t really focusing on a lot of the season stuff because the town itself was pretty fascinating. Once part of Sweden, it had a lot of Swedish memorabilia but also some fun looking houses as they really didn’t care if the foundation was built crooked or not. Some buildings leaned as much as 5 ft.

And i full on picture violated a cat. So here you go, ze pics;


Another music weekend

Attended Music and Business again, this one I actually found really helpful. We had listening sessions and Frank Ådahl, a teacher at Musikmakarna in Örnsköldsvik, actually gave some helpful pointers of constructive criticism. While he was very careful not to seem too authoritarian, reminding us “I’m a person, you’re a person, what you say goes just as much as what I say” I could actually take most of what he said, with a pinch of salt, to heart. We had this one weekend where I played my stuff and the A&R clearly was only into two music styles; House and musical. So my stuff sounded like “musical” and I immediately thought “how can I actually do anything with what this guy says when he hasn’t listened to this kind of music ever in his life?”

Another example of not so constructive criticism is this guy throwing off the headphones, pouting; “I can’t listen to this sh*t”. Yeah, I’ll just see what I can do with that, douchebag…

But this wasn’t one of those times.

Oh, I heard the “sounds like Kate Bush” again, but I am used to it and I take it as nothing but a compliment because she does amazing things.

There were these moments when it got way too serious; “Maybe the breakdown sounds too different from the rest of the song, if you’re not going for dramatic, Queen-like?” First of all, when am I not going for dramatic and I love Queen? I should say he listened to Attica, I previously posted a link here. And… well you know… it goes from “You’re in hell, a trembling shell” to “the rainbows and ponies are skipping”… It’s clearly meant to be a dream sequence very seperate from the rest of the song! Also meant to be a little funny. It’s the first song where I’ve actually censoured my bad word (F*ck) and he warned me about American audiences and swear words. The same audience that welcomes Tori Amos singing “starfucker” and “I believe in peace, bitch”. I think I’m OK in my genre, I really do. He really hasn’t heard my worst.

And while I do agree with him calling for a little extra oumph in some song parts, I think we need to rethink how easily the audience gets bored. I don’t see how they have the time to be bored when I play a 2 minute song. But fair enough, I will add the oumph, mainly because I had thoughts of doing it before but wasn’t sure.

Anyways, all in all it felt productive and inspired me. Oh, by the way, snow is here! And my car doesn’t get winter tires ’til next week, I was so sure I made the appointment in good time and felt sooo proud of myself. So… yay, snow, but also, hey snow, a little early, aren’t we?