Working on some live performance loop backgrounds as we speak. Sweden has decided to try on summer once again and yes, I take small walks, but my work ethics are more due to circumstances.

See, I’ve contracted my very first pneumonia, and it’s a strange version of it indeed. I don’t cough, no fever to speak of except for the first few days when I had a bit of a temperature (but not brag worthy)… but my air pipes decided to cramp up! Since I’ve never suffered from asthma or anything like it it caught me and my local GP by surprise. I had to do the works, breathe into a funky machine and get my very first inhaler to take home with me! I just stared at it: “Wow, I’m every clichΓ© nerd in every bad 80’s and 90’s movie out there”.

Yes it helped and yes I’m getting better but my adventures right now are very teeny tiny. Maybe following Sanna out to attend local hangouts in Gothenburg the West Pride Weekend was too much excitement and my body just went; hey, there, small town girl, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Nah, I know.

Still, it’s been a weird few days with the inhaler.

More to come on the loop-the-looping process! πŸ™‚


She’s giving up.

So my faithful songwriter servant of 15 yrs is giving up. The keyboard I’ve used since I was 18 to write my songs on.Β  I can’t say I’m suprised because it’s a very simple, cheap thang that’s been alive for longer than she should have. But her timing is impeccable. Right when I’m rehearsing for the big show on friday. Oh well, luckily I have alternatives. I’ll probs get a new one this autumn.

In the meantime, here’s a contender for this year’s best animal selfie! πŸ˜€


Lighter times are coming

While I love the outdoorsy job, it’s getting a bit too much now near the end, I’ll confess. I get up, I go to work, I come home late (double shifts) and work on the music for an hour or two. Sleeeeeep! Things are aching that shouldn’t be aching, my eyes do convey the whole “I’m beginning to feel dead inside” at times (or at lest I feel like they do) and I’ve had the occasional big cry in the bathroom between all the shifts. The big cry lets go of some steam though, so usually I get my energy back. Not entirely bad, possibly human.

In a week or two I’m off and I can really focus. I’ve demanded time off to focus on my gig though, not to worry there. But right now I’m just hugging the cows and pigs and sheep for dear life inbetween it all. Not the wild boars. They ain’t huggy types.

Here’s a hugger I’m very thankful for! πŸ™‚