Inside and out

OK, so I’ve been outside and enjoyed the weather, but I don’t want to stay in the sun too long, so basically I’ve been alternating between outside fun and inside fun. Working on a song with the words “sister suffragette” in it. Perfect. And of course working on and putting together my up and coming gigs! 😀



EQ Festival

I really didn’t know if I would make it. A friend asked me several times and I was like “I don’t think my energy levels are up there”. EQ Festival in Gothenburg. All about inequality in the business. Close to my heart. And I knew the arrangers and several guests. But I just didn’t know if I could physically make it. Then I forgot my mobile phone at work, already halfway there and on my way to Gothenburg. “Screw it, I guess that’s a sign”. Plus really looking forward to talking to people older than 9. I love the kids, I really do, but sometimes I just need to talk to Not-9-year-olds…

Anyways, great discussions, great music. Looking forward to more of this!


Sun power

So basically, I stick my toe out in the sun and I get colour. I’m not interested in tanning, laying on the beach, whatever. In reality I get a big no-no out of the sun and I stay in the shade as much as possible, slapping on SPF like there’s no tomorrow. But working outside I get colour. Big time. Today, I turned into a tourist attraction of my own.

The kids kept oooohing and aaahing at my tan and poking my arm to see if it was real. Man, I just wanna make music. Maybe a little guiding at Ekehagen because I love the kids. But I kinda turned into a tourist attraction of my own today, which made guiding a bit harder. Here’s a pic of my shoulder out in the sun 5 hrs a day vs my back that is covered in fabric, cloth and tank top getting not much colour on it’s own.