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Easter egg

This easter holiday I’ve been mostly chilling and taking a step back, because I worked hard before it started and I will work hard again when it finishes. I did donate some blood because I do regularly and it was time again. Talking to the nurses, they told me 20 new donators hade signed up after the Stockholm lorry attacker. Well, if something good can come out of it I’m glad. The blood is always needed.

After easter I’ll be back at almost working full time, but including all my music work, not in addition to it. I’ve learned my lesson and am taking care of myself. Doctors and Försäkringskassan (our sick leave organisation) have actually been doing a good job helping me ease into it all. I’m grateful.

Every year when I paint my easter eggs I think of someones head I wouldn’t mind smashing. It’s been everything from Kim Jong Un to Putin to Jimmie Åkesson (Swedish far right). This year the choice was obvious. Hello Trumpty Dumpty, what small hands you have.


I even checked out reference pics to see which way his weird comb-over pointed!


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