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Last night in Sweden

So I know a lot of you are wondering what the hell happened on friday night in Sweden. Truth is, we would like to know as well. We have no idea. We will rebuild, thank you for your support, the pain and fear has been hard an non-existent…

So he watched Fox News and a special about or immigration problem? Fine. But he was referring to a special event threatening national security and as far as we know ourselves, it never happened. Fox news hired a specialist from Sweden, and he was supposedly working for our government, but the government didn’t recognize him at all. It’s kind of disturbing, actually.

We did have violent demonstrations on SUNDAY after the fact, but they were directed towards Neo-nazis and their attacks. Blaming that on immigration is sort of like blaming and transferring the bullied kid instead of dealing with the bullies. So we still don’t know. But trust me when I say, we will get through it…

Below is a comment from an actual Swedish politican, (right wing, even, the Swedish equivalent of a republican) who is well known.





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2 responses to “Last night in Sweden

  1. Andy

    I took to posting a supportive ‘Je Suis Sweden. Whatever happened.’

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