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Mansplaining at its best

I think I can actually give you my most clear example of mansplaining ever. And that’s saying something! In the musical, I’m coaching the singers. One of them is about 20 or 21, and has had the equivalent of preparatory music college. No harm, no foul.

Except when he tries to explain Swedish history to me, specifically Stone age, Bronze age and Iron age which I happen to have a handle on since I’ve worked as a guide in one of the biggest “forntid” (the collected name of these ages) upbuilds in Sweden. For SEVEN years. For those seven years I’ve been educating as a guide, specific to Forntid. Like, I feel confident that I know my stuff. And he kept feeding me all these wrong facts and I kept contradicting him, trying to explain I actually get paid to know these things. Did not seem to bother him one bit.

“Swedes spoke latin for a while” No… no we didn’t… “And Sweden as a nation was formed in the 12th century!” The nation has been documented since 500 BC. “But we weren’t christian until the 12th century!” Terrific, I’ll tell the very small (sarcasm if you needed it pointed out) nation of India that they are not a country yet, since they’re mostly Hindu.

“We traded with Germany because of their power” We traded with what would later be known as Germany but wasn’t yet, because they had pretty silver and gold and sweets which we liked.

I’m still impressed at how he totally ignored the fact that I had actually taught this part of Sweden’s history for seven years. After a while I just stopped contradicting him and started counting my mental facepalms. There were quite a few.  And I think I left the place  dumber than when I had first arrived. It’s impressive, really…



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