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Malignant narcissist

A John Hopkins psychologist gave Trump a diagnose the other day. He called him a malignant narcissist, which mind you differs from the more common narcissistic personality disorder. One of the big differences is that a malignant narcissist can not be cured. Now, while I’m not gonna take the final word from someone who hasn’t actually spoken to the man, a lot of the traits fit. Like the whole “creating your own reality and scold opinions that differ” bit. But like I said, I don’t find it worth getting into if the medical proffesional hasn’t actually met him, so I won’t dive in further, but Trump has inspired one of the new songs I’ve written for the album. Yuuuge inspiration. It’s called “Good in you” which basically is about someone who can’t prove there’s anything good in them.

It came about during the Women’s March, when Trump took to Twitter (of course) to first complain, then actually giving a mature response. I was surprised. Several others where too and someone even said: “Well, thank you mr President.” To which someone responded; “I get where you’re coming from, but it’s like rewarding a dog for not peeing and biting the sopha for the hundredth time”. Of course he continued to be a jerk after this one tweet, and I figured someone in his team had just begged and pleaded; “Pleaaaase, Mr Trump, let me do one of your tweets so you don’t look like a complete assh*le!”

So the song came about.  I recorded vocals today and sh*t, they were complicated. It’s one thing to hum them along to the piano, it’s another to make a strong voice during recording. The coda was the most difficult part, throwing myself between two voices, but I realized as soon as i half and half stopped concentrating and just sang, it got better. That’s a good tip to all of you recording out there. Just do one or two takes where you don’t laser focus and there might just be magic.

Below are the pics of some of the tweets I was talking about.


Mature adult…

Aaaand back to douche…


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