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Agent Orange, day one

So. It’s been a day since Trump got sworn in. I’m keeping my cool. I want to see what he does. I honestly want to give the man a decent chance. But my hopes aren’t high, and that’s a totally different matter. Hours into the exchange of Twitter accounts, things looked OK. I wasn’t following the current Potus or Flotus, my follow had been shifted to the archived tweets of Potus and Flotus 44, and I wasn’t following Trump or his wife. But a day later, turns out I was indeed, when the technical kinks had been fixed. So I unfollowed. Check your own, if you don’t want to follow the Trumpster. I’m not being mean, but I don’t agree with his policies and so I shouldn’t follow.

Now the whole deal of the website. Some of the big policy chapters did disappear indeed, and went to Like LGBT rights, citizens rights and climate change. This is to be expected as the new president will want to raise his own issues. So I’m trying not to react too hard. But again, hopes are low that he will want to deal with these chapters himself, and that is a cause for concern indeed.

Also, the refusal to give up his own twitter account or businesses does not raise confidence. It does not point to a leader mature enough to be the head of one of the most powerful nations in the world (make no mistake, it affects us all, even as none US citizens). The man is posting reviews on Saturday Night Live sketches while a great big deal of positions he should be deciding on are still vacant. It doesn’t bode well.

What worries me the most though… It’s the people. The people around the world. When I see so many against the “old establishment” and the “mainstream media”, coming up with their own truths. And how do you even protest against that in a good way? The other day I read this long speech about the Obamas being into pedophile porn, because it was all over “alternative media” and “I don’t even bother to read mainstream media anymore”. I mean, I’m all for alternative everything. Media (if it’s not run by the far right OR left), medicine, spirituality, science. But if it’s your only outlet, you’re not going down a good path. You need all the angles. Even the so called mainstream ones. Because there’s a reason some things are mainstream. They’ve proved to have better sources. ALWAYS check them out by the way, no matter what. And in the same breath, people were supporting Trump because he’s against vaccines. And here, I get personal.

As someone who has worked closely with autism, listen well and carefully; there is NO autism vaccine. The clear signs of autism show up at about the same month that your kid is about to get that injection. The two coincide but have no correlation. The injection itself has nothing to do with it, and if you have child with autism, it’s not your fault for allowing the injection. They were born that way, and it’s no one’s fault and it doesn’t make them any less perfect human beings. I do respect your choice but at the same time, diseases thought to be long extinct have surfaced again and I’m not putting it past refusals to take certain injections. Food for thought.

Anyways, rambling on here, but I say, let’s give the orange dude a chance. But for chrissake, someone change his Twitter password so he can focus. My best bet: “ilovemexicans” or “empathyrules”. He’ll never figure’em out…




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3 responses to “Agent Orange, day one

  1. I think he’s already HAD his chance! The election was won more than two months ago. He’s had plenty of time since then to reach out to the majority who voted against him, to make statements or take actions to invite unity. What’s he done with the time? He’s been gloating, continuing to insult and belittle everyone who won’t kiss his a$$, refusing to file required ethics paperwork for his campaign contributor nominees, flaunting nepotism laws and the “emoluments” clause of our Constitution. EFF the guy! We’re taking him down like Nixon. His first day after being sworn in was our first day of resistance.

    • I’m not a supporter, I just want to go high when he goes low. I will not support anything I don’t agree with, I support every protest. I’m just keeping my cool til I can’t any more. I consider myself capable to know when I need to speak whole heartedly and I will, make no mistake. And yes, I do support you and your stance still.

      • I understood your stance. I shared the “wait and see” attitude for awhile too. But I’ve moved on. Perhaps it’s my past experience. When I was in college, we took down Nixon, who had won 49 of 50 states in 1972, but who enough of us “nobodies” recognized as a psychologically unstable, dangerous man. Nixon imploded from the pressure within two years.

        Trump is also a damaged individual, and a cheater. He will keep enriching himself illegally and flaunting laws until a sufficient number in Congress (under public pressure) say “enough”. Legislators aren’t brave as a habit. They respond to the articulated will of their constituents. So it’s time to push, and not let up until he quits, or is removed.

        This is a man who only acknowledges raw power, who doesn’t respect your opinion as valid unless you have amassed a great, personal fortune. He must be shown over and over that there are millions who don’t automatically accept that money equals virtue.

        Of course I don’t condone violence or rioting. But protesting loudly is our fundamental Constitutional right. Trump has power now. He must EARN authority, or be pushed out.

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