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Awesome christmas break

I really needed to charge those batteries. Christmas with the wives was awesome as usual, and I got home with some wicked Spongebob/Frozen/Alan Rickman (R.I.P. you sexy beast) merchandise. The hostess loves Bowie, so giving her the beautiful 30th anniversary edition box of Labyrinth made me real happy, too. It’s full of extras about Bowie, plus the box itself is a beaut with a miniature of the trippy staircase and pics of Jareth all over. Really recommend it if you have a friend that loves David Bowie.

The last few days have been sporadic recording, and while I like to do most of my stuff with real instruments, some call for computerized ones. Like a song called “Machines”. I mean duh… Also, if it is to sound mechanic, it needs to be on beat completely, something you do with a quantize tool (because generally people don’t play like machines). And I made a bit of a startling discovery. There was this instrument that was just a little off beat the last few seconds of the song so I checked the whole instrument recording out and NOTHING was quantized, which I hadn’t noticed before. Meaning I play so on beat I didn’t even notice it wasn’t fixed in the computer. A little scary, to be honest, a respectable artist plays off beat, at least a little. Or a lot if you’re Jimi Hendrix. Computers man, they’re messing us all up…






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