Malignant narcissist

A John Hopkins psychologist gave Trump a diagnose the other day. He called him a malignant narcissist, which mind you differs from the more common narcissistic personality disorder. One of the big differences is that a malignant narcissist can not be cured. Now, while I’m not gonna take the final word from someone who hasn’t actually spoken to the man, a lot of the traits fit. Like the whole “creating your own reality and scold opinions that differ” bit. But like I said, I don’t find it worth getting into if the medical proffesional hasn’t actually met him, so I won’t dive in further, but Trump has inspired one of the new songs I’ve written for the album. Yuuuge inspiration. It’s called “Good in you” which basically is about someone who can’t prove there’s anything good in them.

It came about during the Women’s March, when Trump took to Twitter (of course) to first complain, then actually giving a mature response. I was surprised. Several others where too and someone even said: “Well, thank you mr President.” To which someone responded; “I get where you’re coming from, but it’s like rewarding a dog for not peeing and biting the sopha for the hundredth time”. Of course he continued to be a jerk after this one tweet, and I figured someone in his team had just begged and pleaded; “Pleaaaase, Mr Trump, let me do one of your tweets so you don’t look like a complete assh*le!”

So the song came about.  I recorded vocals today and sh*t, they were complicated. It’s one thing to hum them along to the piano, it’s another to make a strong voice during recording. The coda was the most difficult part, throwing myself between two voices, but I realized as soon as i half and half stopped concentrating and just sang, it got better. That’s a good tip to all of you recording out there. Just do one or two takes where you don’t laser focus and there might just be magic.

Below are the pics of some of the tweets I was talking about.


Mature adult…

Aaaand back to douche…

Nope, no, nu-uh

Well, that was a real grab by the p***y, wasn’t it? Admitting defeat already. Human cheetoh does baaaad things. Now, Obama signed for Guantanamo to close in his first day of office, and it hasn’t yet, but there is a subtle difference. Trump is basically breaking laws and constitutions keeping the world and the US safe, just to get his small-handed business through. I did NOT see that coming. I thought; “Hey, he’s a douchebag, and he’s gonna do douchebag things, no doubt, but some laws and stipulations will still stop him from the worst actions”. Nope. I’m now rooting for what some experts have claimed; that he will quickly be impeached (same experts predicted his unlikely victory, so…) I will not and can not wish any living person dead (which some have) but I do hope that the same rules that almost got a US president impeached for not keeping his thing in his pants works here.

On album production stuff I’ve been working on different things, but I’ve been working harder since financial issues due to the sick leave have kept me at home. It makes the time more valuable somehow. I’ve promised to use my time well and I am doing just that. I have promised to buy my friends new boobs with my rockstar money when they start rolling in after all. Can’t back down now.

Lady Gaga in American Horror Story

I’m not quite done with season 5 on Netflix, so NO spoilers! But I’m enough of a music/film buff to think I can post a review with value.

It’s not bad. But it’s very Lady Gaga. I feel like they wrote the character for her, as opposed to writing a character and let her try and read for it. The cold, solemn voice, the “bitch, please”, even the parts where she acts out her jealousy. It’s her. All the way through. A part of her. She even described the role as a “symbol of social media and narcissism”, and she’s a pretty skilled social media user. I’m not going to explain this further, because I don’t want to drop spoilers, but she’s a real Mother Monster in the series, for chrissake! In more ways than one.

In the end, I think she’s a better musician than actor, I couldn’t see her go through the readings of Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates to try out for their roles. But she’s convincing in the one she’s got, for sure. And putting her music skills above her acting skills is not an insult, because she’s an absolute brill musician/music creator. Anyone who’s ever had a taste of those live performances she did at the Oscars will tell you so. And honestly, we have loads of people who try the “slash” thing, musician/actor, and one always weighs a little heavier than the other. Bowie; loved him in Labyrinth, still think musician above anything. Tina Turner, Pink, Tori Amos, Tom Waits, Loudon Wainwright. Not bad, still more musicians. Michael Jackson in “Wiz”, lovely, still a better musician. Eddie Murphy… Actor, most deffo…

Having said that, the 5th season and its plot is worth the watch. Seeing Lady Gaga act is worth the watch. But it’s not brilliant. It’s her. If you like her you’re good. So be ready for that. Still quite appreciate the work, Mother Monster!




Songwriting day

Got caught in songwriting today. There are so many songs surfacing as I work on the album that I’m thinking of exchanging a few that I’m not 100 % happy with. I wanna make a proper one with a quantity of songs, so some may still end up as bonus tracks.

Anyway, the reason that I was at the piano rather than clocking studio time is that my charger for the computer I work mostly on gave up a sigh and gave up yesterday. I know a guy with good deals on all things Apple so I managed to knock off about 100 sek on a completely new one (about 10 €). Apple guy was not surprised that I had a computer from 2009 and one from 2006, the computers are sturdy stuff and usually end up working for so long that the big price difference between Apple and PC still ends up in Apple’s favour (which I why I still bother with Apple, I don’t like to buy new things every other year, it’s wasteful). He was however surprised when I told him my previous one was my original charger from 2009, chargers go poof pretty regularly. I guess I’ve been careful. And of course my animals are really small so it takes them a lot longer than a cat to chew through it…

Speaking of animals, I had to wear this today. I got it from one of the wives who is not a vegetarian, thinking “I don’t do animals” (unless you have a dirty mind, she doesn’t do animals either then) was better suited for me. I guess even better suited for vegans since it’s from a vegan brand, but hey, when I have the time and money I eat and drink 80 % vegan, so I’m an 80% fit at least…




Agent Orange, day one

So. It’s been a day since Trump got sworn in. I’m keeping my cool. I want to see what he does. I honestly want to give the man a decent chance. But my hopes aren’t high, and that’s a totally different matter. Hours into the exchange of Twitter accounts, things looked OK. I wasn’t following the current Potus or Flotus, my follow had been shifted to the archived tweets of Potus and Flotus 44, and I wasn’t following Trump or his wife. But a day later, turns out I was indeed, when the technical kinks had been fixed. So I unfollowed. Check your own, if you don’t want to follow the Trumpster. I’m not being mean, but I don’t agree with his policies and so I shouldn’t follow.

Now the whole deal of the website. Some of the big policy chapters did disappear indeed, and went to Like LGBT rights, citizens rights and climate change. This is to be expected as the new president will want to raise his own issues. So I’m trying not to react too hard. But again, hopes are low that he will want to deal with these chapters himself, and that is a cause for concern indeed.

Also, the refusal to give up his own twitter account or businesses does not raise confidence. It does not point to a leader mature enough to be the head of one of the most powerful nations in the world (make no mistake, it affects us all, even as none US citizens). The man is posting reviews on Saturday Night Live sketches while a great big deal of positions he should be deciding on are still vacant. It doesn’t bode well.

What worries me the most though… It’s the people. The people around the world. When I see so many against the “old establishment” and the “mainstream media”, coming up with their own truths. And how do you even protest against that in a good way? The other day I read this long speech about the Obamas being into pedophile porn, because it was all over “alternative media” and “I don’t even bother to read mainstream media anymore”. I mean, I’m all for alternative everything. Media (if it’s not run by the far right OR left), medicine, spirituality, science. But if it’s your only outlet, you’re not going down a good path. You need all the angles. Even the so called mainstream ones. Because there’s a reason some things are mainstream. They’ve proved to have better sources. ALWAYS check them out by the way, no matter what. And in the same breath, people were supporting Trump because he’s against vaccines. And here, I get personal.

As someone who has worked closely with autism, listen well and carefully; there is NO autism vaccine. The clear signs of autism show up at about the same month that your kid is about to get that injection. The two coincide but have no correlation. The injection itself has nothing to do with it, and if you have child with autism, it’s not your fault for allowing the injection. They were born that way, and it’s no one’s fault and it doesn’t make them any less perfect human beings. I do respect your choice but at the same time, diseases thought to be long extinct have surfaced again and I’m not putting it past refusals to take certain injections. Food for thought.

Anyways, rambling on here, but I say, let’s give the orange dude a chance. But for chrissake, someone change his Twitter password so he can focus. My best bet: “ilovemexicans” or “empathyrules”. He’ll never figure’em out…



Some fail days

I don’t know if it’s luck, skill or musicality, but I think it’d be putting me down and all the music studies I’ve gone through, to say that it’s all luck.

If something sounds good in my head it usually sounds the same in the song. The song’s production comes to me pretty quickly once the song is written and all I have to do is take notation for the musicians I want to play it. I’m not gonna say it sounds brilliant either, because that is in the eye (ear) of the beholder (listener), but yes, it sounds like it did in my head.

There are however, a few trial and errors. The last few days have been like that. I had this harmony that I thought was really good, and I even tried it out before recording singing it live with the track. And it sounded good there too. But it just didn’t read in recording. Any studio time is good studio time, so I’m not feeling too bad about it. I know it doesn’t work now, and that’s good, I can move on and try other things.

Fun fact on the post pic; I took this selfie while Lennox was cuddling up to me, and to me, the way we’re both positioned, me with the attitude, Lennox with a bit of cocked head looking over his shoulder, it just reads; “We didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose us.” So here. Thug life pic. Enjoy.




Awesome christmas break

I really needed to charge those batteries. Christmas with the wives was awesome as usual, and I got home with some wicked Spongebob/Frozen/Alan Rickman (R.I.P. you sexy beast) merchandise. The hostess loves Bowie, so giving her the beautiful 30th anniversary edition box of Labyrinth made me real happy, too. It’s full of extras about Bowie, plus the box itself is a beaut with a miniature of the trippy staircase and pics of Jareth all over. Really recommend it if you have a friend that loves David Bowie.

The last few days have been sporadic recording, and while I like to do most of my stuff with real instruments, some call for computerized ones. Like a song called “Machines”. I mean duh… Also, if it is to sound mechanic, it needs to be on beat completely, something you do with a quantize tool (because generally people don’t play like machines). And I made a bit of a startling discovery. There was this instrument that was just a little off beat the last few seconds of the song so I checked the whole instrument recording out and NOTHING was quantized, which I hadn’t noticed before. Meaning I play so on beat I didn’t even notice it wasn’t fixed in the computer. A little scary, to be honest, a respectable artist plays off beat, at least a little. Or a lot if you’re Jimi Hendrix. Computers man, they’re messing us all up…