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An inbetween funny post

OK, I’ve had this post break, and generally I’m still on it. Some private stuff I knew would happen over christmas that I don’t want to share (but I’ve had support from friends), and some music stuff I want to be private about too, but this funny tidbit I can share laughing.

So I took this christmas selfie (other half is kitten rummaging through christmas pressiez) and realized my boobs are absolutely huuuuge. It’s ridiculous! These babies (I call them Knocke och Smocke) just started growing after 2012 and for some reason they haven’t stopped since. I’m not kidding. I have no explanation other than that the female hormones seem to increase between 25 an 40 according to studies (rendering the notion that you have to have kids early otherwise you’re screwed pretty silly). And after I took the selfie, I was kind of shell-chocked and turned to one of the friends I was celebrating christmas with. She’s a mom so I thought it’d be apt.

“If/when I have kids they’re supposed to grow even bigger, how the hell am I supposed to handle that?” Friend: “Oh, that’s nothing. If you’re big boobed, and you breastfeed your child while tired and you fall asleep, you might suffocate them. I never had that problem, thank goodness” I pretty much just stared at her even more scared; “What the… like I don’t have enough to worry about?” Friend: “Can’t help you there”.

So there you go. Future offspring, I’m sorry if mommy suffocates you with her boobs. She was just tired.


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