An inbetween funny post

OK, I’ve had this post break, and generally I’m still on it. Some private stuff I knew would happen over christmas that I don’t want to share (but I’ve had support from friends), and some music stuff I want to be private about too, but this funny tidbit I can share laughing.

So I took this christmas selfie (other half is kitten rummaging through christmas pressiez) and realized my boobs are absolutely huuuuge. It’s ridiculous! These babies (I call them Knocke och Smocke) just started growing after 2012 and for some reason they haven’t stopped since. I’m not kidding. I have no explanation other than that the female hormones seem to increase between 25 an 40 according to studies (rendering the notion that you have to have kids early otherwise you’re screwed pretty silly). And after I took the selfie, I was kind of shell-chocked and turned to one of the friends I was celebrating christmas with. She’s a mom so I thought it’d be apt.

“If/when I have kids they’re supposed to grow even bigger, how the hell am I supposed to handle that?” Friend: “Oh, that’s nothing. If you’re big boobed, and you breastfeed your child while tired and you fall asleep, you might suffocate them. I never had that problem, thank goodness” I pretty much just stared at her even more scared; “What the… like I don’t have enough to worry about?” Friend: “Can’t help you there”.

So there you go. Future offspring, I’m sorry if mommy suffocates you with her boobs. She was just tired.

The wet side of recording

I’ve talked before about how hot it gets when you record. Not just vocals but other things too. Maybe a surge of adrenaline or something else, I don’t know (honestly, oxytocin is a hormone released during singing but it’s supposed to calm you). Here’s the picture you’ve been waiting for. Boobies! More accurately; bra-less boobies. So the sweat doesn’t get soaked up by the cloth in the bra, but ends up in a nice rorcharch on your shirt/top.

Recording shenanigans

Been working with vocal recordings today (song) and my experience, although I’m fairly technically skilled, is that any attempt to correct something in the vocal area sounds pretty off, apart from a few volume changes here and there.

Say for example I thought an “F” sound in the vocals sounds a bit weak, like today, in a word like “fall”, I’m really better off just re-recording rather than trying to enhance it with effects or a very tiny volume change (the big ones changing whole words are ok, the ones trying a single letter in the word, not so much). It’s quicker and sounds less fake, to be honest.

I’ll treat you to some new christmas friends;

delicious satsumas! Oh, and the birds too…

Some pics from ze Germany

Not that christmas-y, I wasn’t really focusing on a lot of the season stuff because the town itself was pretty fascinating. Once part of Sweden, it had a lot of Swedish memorabilia but also some fun looking houses as they really didn’t care if the foundation was built crooked or not. Some buildings leaned as much as 5 ft.

And i full on picture violated a cat. So here you go, ze pics;


Christmas is nigh!

Time has really flown by. I’ve been submerged in other things, so christmas kinda caught me by surprise. But I have at least attended my yearly christmas market in Germany. I am still disappointed in myself. I love christmas. I really do. There’s just something about getting in the mood. Sometimes it even makes me work better creatively. But this year, I am only letting christmas in right about now. Maybe the funky christmas weather has had something to do with it.

I mean, really, the closest I’ve gotten to watching a christmas film is Frozen, a film I regularly revisit without a small child making me. I know, I’m weird.

To fully explain my love of christmas, my ideal christmas ornament lights up, dances and sings. All at the same time. For shame that my christmas decorations are almost tasteful this year. Further proof that 2016 is upside down.

Anyway, a couple of pics from the mobile and later on some pics from the good camera! 🙂

Another music and business weekend

Being a bit sentimental I might have attended the J-pop seminar tomorrow, as it was supposed to be our last weekend. But it seems new funds have been found and it’s gonna keep going for another year of seminars, so yayy!

But today, saturday, was good. It was about the economy, and I don’t think I’ve ever attended a successful class explaining it well to musicians and small creative businesses. This one did, though! And so much has happened still, not just in music but in the way we all conduct business and trade, so it was good to know what to do with the digital invoices in your bookkeeping!

Apart from the class I’ve been working on some of the live musician tracks for the album, and also attending an acoustic Gloria Story show. Kinda cool. Different. I took some live photos of all the acts, but here’s one from my mobile phone in the meantime! 🙂