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Ahhhh, f*ck…

I can’t really do more than quote myself now, from Attica. What… in the living… hell?  I have no words. My condolences, America.

And for those of you not going to Canada, if you’re looking to move to Sweden, let me know and I’ll get you settled. Although, to be fair, the whole world will probably end up a big poop house now that agent Orange is in charge.



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Swedish lovechild of Kate Bush, Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. 2 albums and 2 EP:s, all available at Spotify, Itunes, and physically. A blog about music, being a female musician in a male dominated business and the occasional feminist/veggie rant. Check out my homepage: for news, bits and bobs and bio, and buy-o of my music. Never lose that creative spark!

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