Remembering Leonard

2016 really sucks, we’ve lost the great Leonard Cohen. I know he was 82, but 82 is not old for certain in this day and age. As I understand it he fell, causing him to die in his sleep peacefully later on. “Sudden but peaceful” according to his spokesperson.

There were a lot of songs that influenced me by this man, his dark vocals hitting home just right in pieces like Anthem and Famous Blue Raincoat.  I must admit Hallelujah is not my favourite. I was always in love with Rufus Wainwright’s version (and how crazy is it that his daughter Viva is Leonard’s grandchild?) because let’s face it. It’s Rufus. I named my guinea pig after him for chrissake…

Years ago I made a cover of Hallelujah. I wasn’t ignorant about where it came from, but I took Rufus’s (or I guess Jeff Buckley’s ? And yes I am aware of the 80+ verses but he still had a radio edit) lyrics and tried to recognize Leonard’s original with some of the choir and arrangement. But I think I’ll make another one. This time truer still to his original, lyrics and all, slightly remade with a touch of me. We’ll see how it goes! 🙂

In the meantime, remember; there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.


Music and energy

Well, this weather is not high energy, it’s dark, it’s damp and I’m a little tired during the winter months. Hopefully I’ll release something digitally before the new year so there’ll be some form of release 2016 as promised, but the major album work is going slow. On sick leave, and really taking it easy as I should (the doctor sorta scolded me for not doing so) there’s a maximum of 3 hours work a day. I think the album itself will be ready for the new year, but maybe not all of the details, so the big release is due for early spring 2017 instead. Fret not, there will be goodies coming out of me until the new year anyway (dirty) as inspiration is still running high. And here’s a cute kitten I cuddled with the other day! 🙂

Simone Live recording

This song will show up on the album slightly more produced, drums, bass, and all, but I felt the need for it before then, after the election, just a little hope to all my sister suffragettes out there;

Simone, sit down for a while. Have a seat, rest your feet for a while. You don’t have to suffer fools gladly // I am calling all roses, comb your hair grab your hosies, open your eyes, let me rest for a while, and scream for me // Frieda put down your brush for a while. Let’s just talk let’s just walk for a while. We don’t have suffer fools gladly// I am…// Mary join in the dance for a while. Put your head to my chest for a while. When you lead it’s so hard not to follow// I am calling you, Sister Suffragette I know you feel it too, open your eyes, let me rest for a while, and I’ll be right there screaming with you

Ahhhh, f*ck…

I can’t really do more than quote myself now, from Attica. What… in the living… hell?  I have no words. My condolences, America.

And for those of you not going to Canada, if you’re looking to move to Sweden, let me know and I’ll get you settled. Although, to be fair, the whole world will probably end up a big poop house now that agent Orange is in charge.


Another music weekend

Attended Music and Business again, this one I actually found really helpful. We had listening sessions and Frank Ă…dahl, a teacher at Musikmakarna in Ă–rnsköldsvik, actually gave some helpful pointers of constructive criticism. While he was very careful not to seem too authoritarian, reminding us “I’m a person, you’re a person, what you say goes just as much as what I say” I could actually take most of what he said, with a pinch of salt, to heart. We had this one weekend where I played my stuff and the A&R clearly was only into two music styles; House and musical. So my stuff sounded like “musical” and I immediately thought “how can I actually do anything with what this guy says when he hasn’t listened to this kind of music ever in his life?”

Another example of not so constructive criticism is this guy throwing off the headphones, pouting; “I can’t listen to this sh*t”. Yeah, I’ll just see what I can do with that, douchebag…

But this wasn’t one of those times.

Oh, I heard the “sounds like Kate Bush” again, but I am used to it and I take it as nothing but a compliment because she does amazing things.

There were these moments when it got way too serious; “Maybe the breakdown sounds too different from the rest of the song, if you’re not going for dramatic, Queen-like?” First of all, when am I not going for dramatic and I love Queen? I should say he listened to Attica, I previously posted a link here. And… well you know… it goes from “You’re in hell, a trembling shell” to “the rainbows and ponies are skipping”… It’s clearly meant to be a dream sequence very seperate from the rest of the song! Also meant to be a little funny. It’s the first song where I’ve actually censoured my bad word (F*ck) and he warned me about American audiences and swear words. The same audience that welcomes Tori Amos singing “starfucker” and “I believe in peace, bitch”. I think I’m OK in my genre, I really do. He really hasn’t heard my worst.

And while I do agree with him calling for a little extra oumph in some song parts, I think we need to rethink how easily the audience gets bored. I don’t see how they have the time to be bored when I play a 2 minute song. But fair enough, I will add the oumph, mainly because I had thoughts of doing it before but wasn’t sure.

Anyways, all in all it felt productive and inspired me. Oh, by the way, snow is here! And my car doesn’t get winter tires ’til next week, I was so sure I made the appointment in good time and felt sooo proud of myself. So… yay, snow, but also, hey snow, a little early, aren’t we?

New demo, Attica

A song about living in the patriarchy, or in your depression, anxiety , or however you want to look at it. With a little black humour for those of you who have the patience to listen to the whole (almost 3 minutes) thing.

You can control your thoughts but you can’t stop the nightmares
You’re running for your life and still you end up right there
It’s all so very clear, you can’t get out of here

Find yourself, tie yourself
A trembling shell, girl you’re in hell

The writing’s on the wall but what the hell’s it good for?
This pencil tastes like chalk, its only words nothing more
It’s all so very clear that you’re locked up in here

Find yourself…

I’m so unbelievably happy to be here today
The sun’s coming in through my window and shines in my cage
(shiny, sun is shining)
(No wait, did you say cage?)
The rainbows and ponies are skipping and singing a song
(No,really, back up, you said cage!)
And then I wake up
(ah, f*ck)

Find yourself….
Girl you’re in hell, release yourself