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Happy Samhain!

October 31st. In the old times seen as the actual new year and a time of change. Here’s to that! Well, I had my 1st trick or treater and I couldn’t be more pleased. She was a Batman kitty (and how can you not love that combo?) !! I get sweeties just in case, I’m not big on them myself so I just end up giving them away, but I try to get the good stuff and I try to get it wrapped. While Sweden hasn’t caught up with the bad halloween urban legends yet (razor in the candy and all that) October-November is cold season and wrapped candy is much safer. I gave my Batman Cat a biiiig handful “I’m just so happy you’re here” and she looked pretty pleased.

On a personal note; I’m game with the whole Halloween thing catching on in Sweden. If us adults think time passes extra slowly between October- Christmas, imagine what it must be like for the young’uns/kids! I’m glad they’ve found this inbetween thing, and as an adult I have a few excuses to dress up as well!

Anyways, today I’ve been mostly cleaning (out with the old, in with the new) and laying down some vocals.

Have a few pics I’ve discovered with Snapchat, again, a dangerous weapon in the hands of this big 10-yr-old…


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