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Logic Course, Skara

Damn fine lil’ thing I went to. I must admit all the pulling of levers and electro crap wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but the sampling bit… real nice! I’m not always sure I shoud be in advanced class, but since I seem to follow everything on at least a basic level I might be selling myself short. Then again, I tend to click the wrong things and wondering “what the hell happened?” but I guess that’s what the lecturer’s e-mail is for…

I was surprised to be the only girl there, I don’t really believe generally women are not interested in technology, it’s only been a little while back that we have really seen the opportunity. I guess it’s not quite caught up yet. Me, I knew at 16 I wanted to know as much as I could about the whole process, still being an artist/musician at heart. But it’s good to know the whole deal. So when something isn’t quite right, you can give your input about what should be done. Anyways, have a wet degu, he hasn’t forgiven me yet for washing his wonky eye to make it better… Actually, that’s not true. I gave him a peanut and since then, we’re good.




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