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Likely inspiration

So while I’ve been dealing with unlikely places, likely places are good too. Basically just taking the time out from your own stuff to work with the art projects that others are creating. I’m reading a friend’s book, helping another friend with a school project and at the moment also song coaching a musical and sitting around with the sheet music checking if translations and other things work. All pretty cool. I put aside about 3-4 hours for helping on these projects and then I really just sit back and see if anything hits me.

Sure does. It does help that the people I help are pretty talented. I mean, reading a book about snausages maybe wouldn’t get anything going. But I’m not. And I’ve promised not to divulge anything tangible in most of the projects, so that’s all you get. They’re not idiots. That’s the real sheet music I’m reading, a real recording I’m helping with and the book is written by someone with lingual dexterity.

Anyway, new songs have been written today as the inspiration hit hard. Yaaay!

Speaking of lingual dexterity; the new Regina Spektor album arrived in the mailbox the other day. Ace! Not quite done listening intently yet, so there may or may not be a review coming up. I’ll keep listening and you’ll get one if I think I could make a useful one! 🙂





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