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Lounging days

So my sick leave got a little botched. I might accept work with a mini leave this week, or I might actually realize i need to rest. I’ve been raised with the “you have to work, work is life”-agenda but I’m not 100 % on board. The work offers have these very particular stipulations which my line of daytime job usually has, and ordinarily I have no problem adjusting but I should also take into account what the good doc said; that I need to rest, and maybe I don’t need stipulations to live up to right now. Either way I’ll let y’all know, it’s a hard decision. Sick leave means dealing with Swedish Försäkringskassan, about as fun as banging your head against a concrete wall. Anyway, the mini-leave starts today, as does a few recordings, both my own and the ones for the friend I’m helping with his school assignement. I’ve already recorded some piano for him, it took less than 20 minutes and was wicked fun. I’m still getting used to the fact that I actually know what I’m doing nowadays.

For the recordings I’m doing some stereo mic set-ups which means I get to toy with my stereo recording beauties again. They’ve been hidden away in an Ikea shoe rack (where I keep my mics and cables, I’m not a shoe gal, to be honest) for a while now, since the 2015 album. I think they’re totally prepared and psyched to get back to work again. I know I am!



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