Happy Samhain!

October 31st. In the old times seen as the actual new year and a time of change. Here’s to that! Well, I had my 1st trick or treater and I couldn’t be more pleased. She was a Batman kitty (and how can you not love that combo?) !! I get sweeties just in case, I’m not big on them myself so I just end up giving them away, but I try to get the good stuff and I try to get it wrapped. While Sweden hasn’t caught up with the bad halloween urban legends yet (razor in the candy and all that) October-November is cold season and wrapped candy is much safer. I gave my Batman Cat a biiiig handful “I’m just so happy you’re here” and she looked pretty pleased.

On a personal note; I’m game with the whole Halloween thing catching on in Sweden. If us adults think time passes extra slowly between October- Christmas, imagine what it must be like for the young’uns/kids! I’m glad they’ve found this inbetween thing, and as an adult I have a few excuses to dress up as well!

Anyways, today I’ve been mostly cleaning (out with the old, in with the new) and laying down some vocals.

Have a few pics I’ve discovered with Snapchat, again, a dangerous weapon in the hands of this big 10-yr-old…

Logic Course, Skara

Damn fine lil’ thing I went to. I must admit all the pulling of levers and electro crap wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but the sampling bit… real nice! I’m not always sure I shoud be in advanced class, but since I seem to follow everything on at least a basic level I might be selling myself short. Then again, I tend to click the wrong things and wondering “what the hell happened?” but I guess that’s what the lecturer’s e-mail is for…

I was surprised to be the only girl there, I don’t really believe generally women are not interested in technology, it’s only been a little while back that we have really seen the opportunity. I guess it’s not quite caught up yet. Me, I knew at 16 I wanted to know as much as I could about the whole process, still being an artist/musician at heart. But it’s good to know the whole deal. So when something isn’t quite right, you can give your input about what should be done. Anyways, have a wet degu, he hasn’t forgiven me yet for washing his wonky eye to make it better… Actually, that’s not true. I gave him a peanut and since then, we’re good.



Hot vocals!

Putting down vocals is always mighty warm business for some reason. I can be stripped down to my underwear and still sweat like a pig. It’s pretty nasty. Even my boobs sweat, but that’s so not as sexy as it sounds. I mean, putting your hand down your cleavage and something goes “sploosh”, euuugh! Not hot! Or… well… you know what I mean. It’s probably due to the lack of oxygen in the little vocal space, but maaan, I always dread the vocals, even though they’re partly the most fun thing of the whole recording experience. I just know there’s gonna be some sploosh to clean up and your head feels like a furnace…

Likely inspiration

So while I’ve been dealing with unlikely places, likely places are good too. Basically just taking the time out from your own stuff to work with the art projects that others are creating. I’m reading a friend’s book, helping another friend with a school project and at the moment also song coaching a musical and sitting around with the sheet music checking if translations and other things work. All pretty cool. I put aside about 3-4 hours for helping on these projects and then I really just sit back and see if anything hits me.

Sure does. It does help that the people I help are pretty talented. I mean, reading a book about snausages maybe wouldn’t get anything going. But I’m not. And I’ve promised not to divulge anything tangible in most of the projects, so that’s all you get. They’re not idiots. That’s the real sheet music I’m reading, a real recording I’m helping with and the book is written by someone with lingual dexterity.

Anyway, new songs have been written today as the inspiration hit hard. Yaaay!

Speaking of lingual dexterity; the new Regina Spektor album arrived in the mailbox the other day. Ace! Not quite done listening intently yet, so there may or may not be a review coming up. I’ll keep listening and you’ll get one if I think I could make a useful one! ūüôā




Lounging days

So my sick leave got a little botched. I might accept work with a mini leave this week, or I might actually realize i need to rest. I’ve been raised with the “you have to work, work is life”-agenda but I’m not 100 % on board. The work offers have these very particular stipulations which my line of daytime job usually has, and ordinarily I have no problem adjusting but I should also take into account what the good doc said; that I need to rest, and maybe I don’t need stipulations to live up to right now. Either way I’ll let y’all know, it’s a hard decision. Sick leave means dealing with Swedish F√∂rs√§kringskassan, about as fun as banging your head against a concrete wall. Anyway, the mini-leave starts today, as does a few recordings, both my own and the ones for the friend I’m helping with his school assignement. I’ve already recorded some piano for him, it took less than 20 minutes and was wicked fun. I’m still getting used to the fact that I actually know what I’m doing nowadays.

For the recordings I’m doing some stereo mic set-ups which means I get to toy with my stereo recording beauties again. They’ve been hidden away in an Ikea shoe rack (where I keep my mics and cables, I’m not a shoe gal, to be honest) for a while now, since the 2015 album. I think they’re totally prepared and psyched to get back to work again. I know I am!


Phantom of the Opera- what methinks

I was probably like a lot of people my age walking into the theatre. I’ve heard the snippets, I’ve seen the references in pop culture, heck, I even saw the film with the Gerard Butler. Btw, I don’t think he was as bad as they say. Not a singer, nope, but no one really ever said the Phantom was, just a brilliant teacher. And I must admit, that rough voice was quite befitting a deformed murderous madman lurking in an opera house. If he’d really been a brilliant singer, even with that face, he wouldn’t have needed Christine Daae.

Anyways, I was skeptical. Peter J√∂back voiced Disney’s Alladin the Swedish version. He’s a softie and a bit of a cutie pie. Could he really pull ugly psycho off? In the beginning… no… I just kept going back to Alladin. But as it progressed… yes… and the make-up was good, they made him one fugly bitch! The further into the musical, the further into madness he spiraled, and I really found myself going “eeeerk, you nasty!”

And yes, chills down the arms were had when that organ-synth-beat-intro lit up the broken chandelier (you know which intro I mean). While there were some snooze middle parts where I’d wished they’d gotten more charismatic actors (although they’re supposed to look bland next to the Phantom and Christine, aren’t they?) as a whole, a big yup! Gripping my chest a little at the final scenes.

And while everyone got some proper applause, J√∂back got a standing ovation. And he deserved it. Even the gimp girl (that’d be me) stood up and cheered. 4 curtain calls.

Most of these photos are taken around Sthlm, but the last one is right before the show started. I didn’t take any pics, not that the prohibition carries much weight any more as it’s far too much work to stop everyone from raising their mobile phone every now and then. But I decided to enjoy the show properly. So the intro pic is the burlap sack covered auction items, ghostly lit up, as the opera is closing down and all the objects are doled out to the public for a good price.