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Inspiration in unlikely places

It’s impossible not to be inspired by my Ekehagen job. I mean, the kids alone… The things they say, the honesty, and their absolute happy. No dimmer on it. The other day a kid asked me if I had kids on my own, and I fessed up; “well, no…” and I was prepared to get pummeled with questions, like I usually am, like: “why, do you hate kids?” and no, nothing like that… “Too bad, if you had kids, they’d know so much about history” Oh… well… true dat!

Today’s shift I got to work with another guide, if the classes are big, like over 25, that’s the usual procedure. And we realized we were both gimps. So I did everything dextrous (her hand is hurt) and she did the walking and talking. A perfect balance, one which I am yet to experience in any other jobs I’ve taken on.

It’s funny, usually it takes a music seminar of some kind to get the juices flowing if they are running short. But being outside for 5 hours, just experiencing joy with kids on my level of mentality (I’d say I’m about ten mentally) works wonders too! I’ve layed down some crazy sampling today.

To really clarify where I’m coming from, here’s another one of those pics of my work environment. It’s fairly decent.


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