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Blessing in disguise

So turns out this sprained ankle can actually be good for me. I thought “hey, don’t be an idiot” and sought medical attention. And I was ordained a sick leave because it’s sprained so bad. I can finish my Ekehagen season, because the doc couldn’t deny the positive effect it has on my psyche to be outside and hang with animals all day (and fresh air and stuff like that is healing), which I will for another two weeks, but after that, I have a short while to just take care of myself. And my secret to making good music is; I do it for me, myself and I. Purely egotistical. And that’s why it turns out pretty awesome, I’m not worrying about anyone else. And due to my other jobs, which I also love, I haven’t been able to spend the time I’ve really wanted to spend on it. I’m a workaholic. I love the effect my daytime job has on kids, and the kiddo I’m assisting. But it does take me away from ego-stuff, and I may need a short while of ego-stuff.

And I must admit, after some horrid collabs on the last album/EP, a little “just-me” work is feeling pretty good and I’m actually looking forward to it. I do have some people in the sidelines helping me, but I’m calling the shots and it feels pretty awesome. This is a change from me not long ago, I couldn’t imagine not working all the time, and I mean constantly. But feeling in control of my music in a good way makes up for it nowadays. I decided to just let go. And creativity started flowing. During my sick leave, I’ll be a song teacher for a musical, I’ll work on my album and help a friend with his studies. And I’ll finally have the time for it.

Letting go sometimes just ain’t a bad thing. Funny it took a badly sprained ankle for me to realize it, but I guess that’s why we have our occasional accidents. To remind us of that.

Speaking of hakuna matata, here’s a cat cuddling up to homegrown squash šŸ˜€





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