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Some Lithuanian goodies.

Got some live footage from Vilnius up in here. Had a great time. It does remind me so much of when I was a piss poor student and did anything with any little thing to put some nice music out there. Except; The state of the country is way worse and the people so much more driven you’re almost ashamed of how little you accomplished. Like, seriously, we arrived at the hostel and it smelled of laquer paint and sawdust. Something that might in a few weeks be a bar. 24 hrs later, it was a bar, partying on til 8 in the morning. Imagine Swedish handymen working that fast. Mind blown. Our hosts fessed up to sleeping about 2 hours a night. The festival was an old abandonded warehouse area and they made it absolutely beautiful.

And oh, I SPRAINED MY FRIGGIN ANKLE! Like, I remember when I was little and I sprained it and I just happily wore a wee bit of bandages and showed off my gimp status proudly. It was a little blue, and a little purple. Then gone. This is disgusting. Why would I ever be proud of this? OK, so when you’re little, you’re a resiliant lil’ fucker. But what the hell, it looks like a horrible, swollen yellow/purple/blue/red lump? Adulthood sucks!

On a small lighter note, I’ve had some great colleagues taking care of it, they’ve helped me bandage it properly and they’re not afraid to look at it (believe me, all you see is a swelling, I’m filtering the gross away because it’s friggin yellow/purple/red/blue disgusting tennis ball), poke at it and check that it’s not a fracture. I’m very grateful for that. I have some know-how being the child of two medical students, but when it comes to care, a village ain’t a bad way to go. And they’ve stepped up. Which I need, as I do a lot of hard walking on my job hours. So thanks, gurrrls!




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