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Sampling cajun level.

I burnt some delicious food today. I call it cajun cooking, not a fail. Them New Orleans folks would be proud of me! And why did I go cajun? Well, I was in a music flow. I’ve been in crazy music flow the last few days. And usually I write on my hand or a bright post-it if I have something cooking when I’m in a flow, but today I thought “What the heck, I’ll remember.” Good call.

As I’ve said before, this is gonna be an album where I play around with samples a lot more than before. Today’s session included sneaking in the Rathaus-bell of Gdansk which I sampled in 2013. So I’ve been collecting these, I really have. And now I’m gonna play around. Just call me Kate Bush jr, everyone else does… Granted, I don’t have a cool Fairlight to play with, but I think I can hold my own.

So what are samples? Well, it can be a lot of things, really. You can sample just about anything. How the room will sound (reverb), how it will echo (delay), you can clap or burst a balloon, record the sound and then put it into your reverb or delay sampler (yes, I have a few sounds I’ve done that with). If you are familiar with my music, I recorded a glass crashing for Factory Floors which ends up being percussion. I also sampled gunshots, real ones (and if Skövde bataljon ever asks me how, I will deny it forever) for Friendly Fire. From a distance, so we had to fortify it with everything we had in the studio, but it’s the real deal. And if something has resonance, any kind of tone to it, you can put it in your sampler and use it as an instrument. So say I’ve recorded my doorbell, I can make it a proper instrument and play it in any key I want. Annoying, but a good example.

I have about a hundred samples I’ve been recording all over the world, and yes, my travel companions get frustrated; “Can we just go shopping?” “Yeah, as soon as I’ve sampled these cikadas!”. I’m gonna try and squeeze them all in. When I’m done and get it all written down, you’ll get to know how amazing the most random things can actually sound, at least that’s my goal.

Anyways, no fun pics as I’m in the early stages, so have a tree hit by the sunlight just right instead! 🙂



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