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Record bonanza

One of my good friends remembered last week that she hadn’t gotten me a birthday present, and she really wanted to, so she sent me a link from coolstuff (a web site that has all the cool stuff you never knew you needed). “It’s a popcorn machine! Red! You want?” It was pretty expensive, and I do all my popcorn on the stove anyway like an old fashioned gal, so I felt guilty. “You know, I do love popcorn, and it’s beautiful, but I’ve wanted Beyoncé’s new album for a long time. Hint hint” Friend: “Hint taken. You’re not a big fan of Adele, are you?” Me: “We’ll, if you want alternatives Bowie’s really the way to go.” “You’re gonna have to give me more hints” “OK, well, I’ve wanted to get a good Bowie album for ages, and I just haven’t bought one, so any one of them really. The Ziggy-era was awesome, and I like the new one”.

Turns out she wanted to give me a proper present, so she bought three albums! And I quote: “It still ended up like 100 sek cheaper than the popcorn machine.”

She also knew I’d gotten a proper record player, so one of ’em was vinyl, I can’t tell you how stoked I was when she handed these over to me yesterday! Even after my night job, I just got home and put them on, one by one. And after that, I worked some on the album and even wrote a new song. Turns out, these kind of boosts can really get your creative juices flowing. I’m not unhappy. And yes, my friend got biiiiig hugs!

Here the beauties are on a rug from the 50’s hand woven by my maternal grandfather and grandmother (yup, they did it together, always were an awesome couple).





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3 responses to “Record bonanza

  1. Andy

    You’ve heard the rumour that Bowie arrange for further album releases after his death?
    I love Hunky Dory.

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