On a friendly note.

I like to respect my readers, and I mean all of them. And know that I’m not trying to make an ass out of anyone. I just want you to know there’s an IP-reader connected to this blog. Meaning; your name will pop up. Your IP-adress too, but don’t worry, I can’t memorize it, it’s like some 40 odd numbers in a row. I may be good with numbers, but not that good, I still have a life and a daytime job. I don’t read the reports thouroughly, but occasionally a few names pop up that I know don’t wanna get caught reading my blog. You can’t be friends with everyone in the whole wide world. And since I’m sure you don’t want me making personal contact with you, well here’s the skinny;

It’s connected to my home page/artist website and that makes it connected to this blog too. It’s a common tool for artists to get to know their fanbase. And if you’re not in it, you might be better off not reading my blog anyway.

To my actual fans; like I said, the reports are mostly to make me familiar with which countries I’m a hit in. So I’m not diving into your stuff and you are completely safe. Like I said; IP-adress = looooong and quite impossible to memorize, and I would never try to copy it or anything, in fact there are blockages connected to this service that prevents me from it even if I wanted to. Can’t copy ’em even if I was a douche that tried to.

Most of you won’t mind your name just popping up. But to those of you who do; sorry, this IP-reader thing is fairly new for this year/end of last year and I just know some of you don’t want it to happen. I’m omitting tags so I know those who need it get the message.

I’m letting you know and I truly wish you well.

Sampling cajun level.

I burnt some delicious food today. I call it cajun cooking, not a fail. Them New Orleans folks would be proud of me! And why did I go cajun? Well, I was in a music flow. I’ve been in crazy music flow the last few days. And usually I write on my hand or a bright post-it if I have something cooking when I’m in a flow, but today I thought “What the heck, I’ll remember.” Good call.

As I’ve said before, this is gonna be an album where I play around with samples a lot more than before. Today’s session included sneaking in the Rathaus-bell of Gdansk which I sampled in 2013. So I’ve been collecting these, I really have. And now I’m gonna play around. Just call me Kate Bush jr, everyone else does… Granted, I don’t have a cool Fairlight to play with, but I think I can hold my own.

So what are samples? Well, it can be a lot of things, really. You can sample just about anything. How the room will sound (reverb), how it will echo (delay), you can clap or burst a balloon, record the sound and then put it into your reverb or delay sampler (yes, I have a few sounds I’ve done that with). If you are familiar with my music, I recorded a glass crashing for Factory Floors which ends up being percussion. I also sampled gunshots, real ones (and if Skövde bataljon ever asks me how, I will deny it forever) for Friendly Fire. From a distance, so we had to fortify it with everything we had in the studio, but it’s the real deal. And if something has resonance, any kind of tone to it, you can put it in your sampler and use it as an instrument. So say I’ve recorded my doorbell, I can make it a proper instrument and play it in any key I want. Annoying, but a good example.

I have about a hundred samples I’ve been recording all over the world, and yes, my travel companions get frustrated; “Can we just go shopping?” “Yeah, as soon as I’ve sampled these cikadas!”. I’m gonna try and squeeze them all in. When I’m done and get it all written down, you’ll get to know how amazing the most random things can actually sound, at least that’s my goal.

Anyways, no fun pics as I’m in the early stages, so have a tree hit by the sunlight just right instead! 🙂


Record bonanza

One of my good friends remembered last week that she hadn’t gotten me a birthday present, and she really wanted to, so she sent me a link from coolstuff (a web site that has all the cool stuff you never knew you needed). “It’s a popcorn machine! Red! You want?” It was pretty expensive, and I do all my popcorn on the stove anyway like an old fashioned gal, so I felt guilty. “You know, I do love popcorn, and it’s beautiful, but I’ve wanted Beyoncé’s new album for a long time. Hint hint” Friend: “Hint taken. You’re not a big fan of Adele, are you?” Me: “We’ll, if you want alternatives Bowie’s really the way to go.” “You’re gonna have to give me more hints” “OK, well, I’ve wanted to get a good Bowie album for ages, and I just haven’t bought one, so any one of them really. The Ziggy-era was awesome, and I like the new one”.

Turns out she wanted to give me a proper present, so she bought three albums! And I quote: “It still ended up like 100 sek cheaper than the popcorn machine.”

She also knew I’d gotten a proper record player, so one of ’em was vinyl, I can’t tell you how stoked I was when she handed these over to me yesterday! Even after my night job, I just got home and put them on, one by one. And after that, I worked some on the album and even wrote a new song. Turns out, these kind of boosts can really get your creative juices flowing. I’m not unhappy. And yes, my friend got biiiiig hugs!

Here the beauties are on a rug from the 50’s hand woven by my maternal grandfather and grandmother (yup, they did it together, always were an awesome couple).




Studio recording day

So today we recorded 5 new songs in Nordic Soundlab, Skara, with Bengan Andersson and his assistant technician. Initially I was a bit nervous since we had hardly any time to rehearse because of conflicting schedules, and the live beat songs were reduced from 7 to 5, just to be safe (I have samples and stuff I wanna toy with for the rest of the album, so no worries, the other two will get done and be awesome as well) and we were booked for two days. Well, turns out there was really nothing to worry about. We’ve played together long enough to keep things running smoothly, even new songs with new ideas. We were done in a few hours. “Looks like y’all have the day off tomorrow, well done!” the technician said tapping his foot to our recorded performance. He seemed to have a good time with it too, which is always nice but not mandatory. You don’t wanna leave having ruined someones day with bad playing or sound 😉

Album stuffs

Experimenting with the wurlitzer as a bass line right now, it’s loads of fun! Can’t wait to see what I learn from this album, I really learn, and i enjoy learning, with each and every one of them.

I’ll be playing with lots of samples and home made reverbs on the up’n’coming. And for some reason most of the material has ended up really old school in length, we’re talking 50’s here, only a few over three minutes. Gonna be real exciting to show it to y’all, expect some instrumental updates soon as I’m heading for a big studio for some recordings too 🙂

I might have the cover already, as the wives and I did a “Straight outta Rävekärr” shoot complete with googly eyes on my forehead. The kids quite enjoyed it (on the pic far below I’m explaining how the eyes melted into my skull and now I won’t need glasses for MANY years because that’s what happens on your birthday).




Music and Arts, Stockholm 2016

A good friend and I decided as a birthday treat for me, we’d catch friday’s Music and Arts festival in Stockholm. Patti Smith and Rufus Wainwright, we’re both big fans. Unfortunately, Patti, probably being in an artsy fartsy mood and agreeing to perform every day of the festival, chose a much too small stage to do her thing on. At the same time as Rufus. We did do an honest effort of catching her, but last time she was in Sweden she needed a big stage at Liseberg, so we realized standing in line that we would miss the beginning of her concert, and miss the beginning of Rufus Wainwright, if we persisted. Better to watch one of them properly than both half-cocked.  So we went with Rufus on the big stage. Still a big moment for me. I’ve been a fan of his longer than I’ve been a fan of Patti, to be honest.

I’m torn. I have this one half that hates him for his excellent talent, another one that absolutely loves him… for his excellent talent…

We weren’t disappointed. He put on an awesome show! I just ran towards the front of the stage as he started singing, I swear he was like a magnet. And I sang along to every friggin song, just enjoying the moment so much. All in all, it was an excellent birthday thing to do. I got some good pics too, but I’ll post the one I’m most proud of, him smiling just doing what he does… Oh, and some Cat Power, we swore we’d catch her too! 🙂