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Getting vacation ready

Come monday, as my daytime job situation has improved immensely, I’m gonna have my first two weeks of proper vacation in forever. No travel per se planned, a few concerts and events, but really just time off. I chose my birthday week and the one following as I’ve worked on the day of my birthday the past five years and this year; well I just don’t wanna!

It’s gonna be good. I’m probably going to immerse myself in recording, but by choice, I’ve been looking forward to it. My co-workers, bless them, they like my music, but they really know nothing about that world. One of my co-workers is so proud when she gets a cultural reference, and she calls me her culture-encyclopedia. Nice, but not that challenging. And I’ve recently gotten a new Joni Mitchell album, going round the clock in my car. I was driving on the job, and another co-worker went; “oh, she sounds like you!” I tried to explain, purely musically but in layman terms, the difference between us and the answer was: “I really don’t know, I like ballads and Celine Dion. Your stuff is good, though!”

Well. As I said, bless ’em. Lovely? Yes. Challenging? Not so much. I might watch a few Gilmore Girls episodes to get in the groove, now that show presents some good reference trivia for the musician! Later on, I have some plans to challenge myself even more, but I won’t tell you for a while. In the meantime, have some bra-less, newly showered me realizing Spongebob’s eyes have a horribly apt position…


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  1. haha the facial expression for the win

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