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A girl’s first vinyl

I finally saved up and got myself a handsome stereo that plays vinyl! A bit overdue as a musician, I know, but hey, I wanted to think about it, save up and shop around. I decided on one of those retro designs, they may not be the bestest on the market but this one actually plays old 78 records! And yes, I have old 78 records, loads of them, actually, saved them from my maternal grandfather’s estate. Seemed such a shame to waste some really good ones. And hey, while we’re talking quality and buying, my CD stereo in the kitchen is this cheap little thing from Claes Ohlsons that I’ve had for 6 years and it works perfectly, speakers and all. I’ll probs sell it off cheaply in one of those fb sale groups, there’s always someone who wants to make a bargain on these things.

I visited a thrift shop and here’s my first vinyl; Mahalia Jackson. She sings christmas songs (Weinachtslieder), so of course I won’t play it til december, but she’s my honourable first buy and probably my first ever cool christmas record. Since, you know, nothing says cool like christmas record. I’ll have to shop around for a cool first record I can actually play in July. Suggestions range from Bowie to Zeppelin, and while they are a fine group of gentlemen I listen to on occasion I think I’ll do something a bit more “me”.



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