2016 album update

So the last few days I finally got the ball rolling again! I know, there has been a less than shoddy amount of time spent on it the last two months, but give me a break! Two daytime-jobs, three gigs (the last one is still under wraps) and arranging a festival? I know I’m gonna sound spoilt now but I want to sleep too…

Aaaahaaanyways, finished laying down the last key instruments and vocal recording is on the go. If there were pics they would mainly depict me avoiding the humid heat in a too-small-for-a-normal-non-musician-not-bothered-with-acoustics room. So here’s a picture of my bunny chilling and looking at me, quietly judging me for not getting rid of all the warm, instead.

Live Pics from West Pride

After the tragic events of Orlando, there needs to be more show of support to the LGTB-community than ever. I can give you a small dose. My gig at West Pride thursday June 9th, West Pride is the Gothenburg Pride Festival and I make sure I play every year with new material. Due to too much work I couldn’t rehearse with my band, but it turns out, me and miss Piano do well by our selvessome if we have to! 🙂

The best thing was getting to hang with my prrrdy friends though, long time no see biiiig hugs!

Live photos

Some pics from yesterdays festival. It was absolutely wild! We ran out of food and sugar in two hours. The lööööv kept flowing though. I couldn’t get two feet without a request to have a pic taken with me after my performance. They were very confused to see me working at the cafe later on. Apparently I’m a big celebrity 😉


Junkie Thrown

Nadja Itäsaari

Micke Holm