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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

Still have to keep a lot about my projects under wraps but in the meantime I can talk about one of my best buys lately album wise.

Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Features among other great ones the title song, Candle in the wind, Bennie and the jets and Saturday Night’s alright for fighting.

It was originally released in 1973 and re-mastered in 2014.

“Funeral for a friend”, the opening song, is over 11 mins long, but remember, this is from a time when the albums were this whole experience, a piece of art fitted into a big black vinyl disc (by the way, I do get why you would never use that name and especially never shorten it), and you pretty much sat down and lived the whole thing. I’m not complaining, I love the idea, in fact this dinosaur still incorporates part of that idea in her music.

You can really hear Eltons rich idea world going through the whole album from start to finish (heck, play it backwards if you feel like being naughty and it’d still give you chills). And I know it’s an obvious Elton John album to rave about but, you know, there might be a reason for that.

On a different note, I’ve just discovered Snapchat and I’m not sure someone like me should get their hands on an app like that. It can be very, very…





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