Sidechain smidechmain

Today I finally learned some proper and smooth sidechaining. I don’t know when I’ll use it but just the fact that I can turn the nobs and make it sound ok now is a comforting thought.

I’ve also been working on the piano and key arrangements, having some real “Wow, I’m a good songwriter days” which I did not expect. I was prepared for “I hate myself for being such a bloody weird hippy songwriter” instead. Confidence booster! 😉

Anyways, no pics of that yet, will try to get some more music themed pics here soon like when I sampled, but in the meantime, have a big eye and a mallard mid-lake party on the ice! 🙂

Going to church

St Maria Cathedral in Skara has the most amazing acoustics. I’m working on a series of different reverb sounds to sample into my library, which entails me going to the church during quiet hours and snapping and clapping. Does the groundskeeper look at me funny? You betcha. Worth it though, it’s an amazing sound. Going for surround and mono (how wide you want the sound to be, roughly put) next time! 🙂

The Future can set you back

I’m not anti-change and moving forward. I’m really not. If I feel the need to update things in my life and software on my computer I do. I just rarely do it mid-project. Now I remember why.

I was getting impatient with Apple App Store not permitting me to download useful apps because my OS was too far back. “Download El Capitan” they said, “it’s free and easy” they said. Well alright then, if I get to download apps and updates I need, then fine. I remembered how easy it was everytime I wasn’t pleased with the new operating system, to revert to an older one. Plus new OS rarely cancels out your older stuff on the computer. So I download the damn thing and oooops, will you look at that. All of a sudden I’m down one photo editing programme… Microsoft Word… and Logic! Only the three I use the most, so no biggie! “Well, ok, this is no good, I’ll revert back to the old until the project is done”. So I go online to find out how to do it, I follow the instructions and… nothing. El Capitan is here to stay and taunt me. Fuuuuu—-udgecicle…

It does move my plans around a little bit concerning the work I do. I mean, it’s not delaying it but it sure changes things. I have to wait a couple of weeks to get the updates I need to be up and running again, in the meantime I have to put more thought down to the practical stuff than originally intended. So maybe not a bad thing. I guess I’m going Logic X. I was going to, but after the album (and by then maybe even get a new computer to work on more befitting to the speed of the updated software). Oh, well, lucky I’m taking a course!

I have received good news on gigs which I will share shortly, in the meantime pray that this momentarily tech-challenged girl gets into the new groove!

Leaving you with one of the first pics I’ve taken with the intention of making it a profile pic on social media (usually I just take one floating around out there on other’s pages or a still from a video), I thought I needed a more spring-y pic for March. Also my first inspirational plaque. I’m usually not big on them but this one really spoke to me.