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As we spring forward

I am enjoying making this album a lot, because I am taking extension courses of Logic at the same time and I always seem to learn something helpful to make things easier.

On an ego-note, I’m not used to being the most advanced student in the class, but it’s not a bad feeling! I’m able to suggest things that Ulf, the teacher, isn’t always, when someone’s got a question about something. I was worried he was thinking I’m trying to take over his role, but quite the opposite. Yesterday he looked at me, nodded and said, to the group but mostly looking at me; “Don’t be afraid to give your own suggestions and answers, I won’t mind, I think of this more as a workshop”.

I’m still getting used to the idea of me actually being someone to turn to for tech questions in the music biz. I still go; “You’re asking ME like I know this stuff?… Oh wait… actually I have an answer for you…” It’s bizarre. I’ve never thought of myself as tech-savvy, I really haven’t, but I guess the whole “I wanna know what I’m working with”-desire has taught me a thing or two. I’m not being humble. Really not. Sometimes you see what you’ve accomplished through the eyes of others, and that’s not always a bad thing, just a wake up call of sorts.

I am enjoying longer days and longer hair, soon I can headbang properly! “Why did you cut it then?” Well, I had my reasons, trust me, but I also knew I’d be missing the flicking of the hair right about now, and that my hair would be getting back to that length about now too.


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