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Happy Valentine’s day!

I was talking to one of my lovely colleagues and she’s also a good friend, and while she’s not even in her mid twenties she’s very mature. She wants to learn and do the more serious business we do at work, things that have to do with being responsible for medicine and so on. I am in awe of her. We seem to have lived similar lives yet there are some odd 8 years between us (and let’s face it, 20’s and 30’s are formative, so to find someone 8 yrs your junior packing wisdome at your level, she’s just way ahead of you).

Anyway, we agreed, so what if marriage is just a paper, weddings are a cool way of having a love fest and get closer to the one you love. And Valentine’s day is a day to remember the love. It doesn’t have to be couple love. It can be friends, family, pets. “You should remember every day of the year!” True, but it’s easy to forget, so a holiday to remind you ain’t a bad thing.

Otherwise I’ve been busy making arrangement for songs going on the album, and why do I insist on being such a hippie and never write my chords and arrangements down beforehand so I don’t have to figure them out again? “It’s my song, I’ll remember!”… oh… I hate you, hippie-Maria…

Anyway, pics of these logistics would be boring so have one of me making Squidward from Spongebob out of my food instead, and a nerdy Iron Man pic…




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