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Before manic monday comes wacky weekend

First of all, I felt really inspired to go home after Music And Business weekend and put som solid legwork down, music wise. Result? A crash and a giant 45 minute snooze and now, much later, a little work but I’d call it hand lifts, not legs, if anything. I guess working and studying for 8 days straight does take its toll on you, especially if you opt to go to your friends 40th birthday party in the middle of it. The fact that I didn’t drink so I could get up in time for seminars didn’t really matter, it was still an all nighter running around saying hello to people and trying to interpret what they said in “drunken veil language”.

It was fun though. A friend wanted my honest opinion. She has 6 kids herself. “And I told this guy he looked like Winnie The Pooh, is that not a compliment?”
“I understand your train of thought, soft an cuddly and stuffed with fluffies…”
…”But honey, no, a grown ass man does not want to hear he looks like a chubby yellow bear”.

She was shocked. I get it, I do, in parent’s world, Winnie the Pooh is like the most awesome thing you can call someone. It’s hard meeting them “no-kids” folk who don’t understand. In her defence he was quite drunk and walking around with his tummy sticking out from his shirt so he DID look a lot like Winnie the Pooh.

Anyway, I’m a stickler for being too comfortable myself. Like this weekend, not realizing (putting two and two together with the name is what I should’ve done) I was talking to a former Swedish Eurovision winner (1984, year of my birth, it was a huuuuge win back then!) and we babbled away about streaming like I was talking to anybody and everybody. On how the people who wrote Meghan Trainor’s All About that Bass only made 5000 dollars one 1 million streams. Only a while after I realize who I was talking to.
Same thing with Kate Bush. I’ve once attended the Ivor Novellos, and I was only 17 so I wasn’t quite the music encyclopedia I am today. I recognized the Abbas, Sting, All Saints, Spice Girls, I wasn’t a complete idiot. But people insisted I get this Kate Bush lady’s autograph and have a chat with her. Now that I know who she is I have no idea how I stayed so calm. Again, the bliss of not knowing. To me she was just this nice woman, who kind of looked a little like me but shorter and didn’t that song she made that they played sound really good?

I tend to do this all the time with celebrity. I think because, at the end of the day, they are very normal people with special skills and a stroke of luck in their life. We’re the same, no matter how kliché that sounds. I actually hope I stay an idiot. Everyone deserves to be met, treated and talked with in the same way (a nice way, of course). If nothing else, It makes for some interesting stories afterwards! 😉

Pole Position Productions. Score and Sound for the Mad Max computer game, among other things. I’m sure I’d be nervous if I was a gamer…




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