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End of Winter

I have to do a photo walk around feb 2nd, as that date, Imbolc or Kyndelsmässodagen/ Kindlemass, marks the end of winter. Not quite the beginning of spring, but the beginning to end of the cold, if you know what I mean.

I discovered that even if spring isn’t quite here yet, it’s well on its way and sort of awakening from it’s slumber. Ice is melting, sun is shining, the trees are getting more colour in the bark and every here and there you find small, small buds. Life beginning. You feel a bit connected too, as it’s kinda symbolic for human life. Encountering winter/cold every now and then and slowly blooming up again when we’ve walked through it.

Anyways, I liked all the angles of the icicles so I decided to publish them all, you can see them dripping slowly 😀



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