Wind of change

Yes. I know. That’s a Scorpion’s song. And I’m not a fan. In fact “Rock you like a hurricane” makes my ears spontaniously close up and retreat into the nasal cavities. But it’s not just a Scorpion’s song. I’ve sort of got this gut feeling that shows up everytime good, big changes are about to happen. Like before I meet a boyfriend and right before we break up,  because by then, that’s a good change 😉 And before big things happen in music. Like this time around, I’m sure I will learn something awesome and game changing this album. I don’t know what, I just know it’s gonna happen, and I don’t know when. But it’s coming. I wanted this feeling desperately while I was making Scarletters/notes but it never showed. I got it before Animalic. And I must admit I’m a bigger fan of that EP myself.

Don’t ask me how, I’m just absolutely sure good things are around the corner, maybe not immediate or close by but they’re coming. The gut hasn’t let me down yet. I’ve seen some stones lifted already, things that affect me in the tiniest but good ways. I’ll keep you posted. And I promise never to quote The Scorpions again! 😉

 Visible change;  I can put the hair in an oh so fancy pony tail again!

As we spring forward

I am enjoying making this album a lot, because I am taking extension courses of Logic at the same time and I always seem to learn something helpful to make things easier.

On an ego-note, I’m not used to being the most advanced student in the class, but it’s not a bad feeling! I’m able to suggest things that Ulf, the teacher, isn’t always, when someone’s got a question about something. I was worried he was thinking I’m trying to take over his role, but quite the opposite. Yesterday he looked at me, nodded and said, to the group but mostly looking at me; “Don’t be afraid to give your own suggestions and answers, I won’t mind, I think of this more as a workshop”.

I’m still getting used to the idea of me actually being someone to turn to for tech questions in the music biz. I still go; “You’re asking ME like I know this stuff?… Oh wait… actually I have an answer for you…” It’s bizarre. I’ve never thought of myself as tech-savvy, I really haven’t, but I guess the whole “I wanna know what I’m working with”-desire has taught me a thing or two. I’m not being humble. Really not. Sometimes you see what you’ve accomplished through the eyes of others, and that’s not always a bad thing, just a wake up call of sorts.

I am enjoying longer days and longer hair, soon I can headbang properly! “Why did you cut it then?” Well, I had my reasons, trust me, but I also knew I’d be missing the flicking of the hair right about now, and that my hair would be getting back to that length about now too.

Happy Valentine’s day!

I was talking to one of my lovely colleagues and she’s also a good friend, and while she’s not even in her mid twenties she’s very mature. She wants to learn and do the more serious business we do at work, things that have to do with being responsible for medicine and so on. I am in awe of her. We seem to have lived similar lives yet there are some odd 8 years between us (and let’s face it, 20’s and 30’s are formative, so to find someone 8 yrs your junior packing wisdome at your level, she’s just way ahead of you).

Anyway, we agreed, so what if marriage is just a paper, weddings are a cool way of having a love fest and get closer to the one you love. And Valentine’s day is a day to remember the love. It doesn’t have to be couple love. It can be friends, family, pets. “You should remember every day of the year!” True, but it’s easy to forget, so a holiday to remind you ain’t a bad thing.

Otherwise I’ve been busy making arrangement for songs going on the album, and why do I insist on being such a hippie and never write my chords and arrangements down beforehand so I don’t have to figure them out again? “It’s my song, I’ll remember!”… oh… I hate you, hippie-Maria…

Anyway, pics of these logistics would be boring so have one of me making Squidward from Spongebob out of my food instead, and a nerdy Iron Man pic…



Before manic monday comes wacky weekend

First of all, I felt really inspired to go home after Music And Business weekend and put som solid legwork down, music wise. Result? A crash and a giant 45 minute snooze and now, much later, a little work but I’d call it hand lifts, not legs, if anything. I guess working and studying for 8 days straight does take its toll on you, especially if you opt to go to your friends 40th birthday party in the middle of it. The fact that I didn’t drink so I could get up in time for seminars didn’t really matter, it was still an all nighter running around saying hello to people and trying to interpret what they said in “drunken veil language”.

It was fun though. A friend wanted my honest opinion. She has 6 kids herself. “And I told this guy he looked like Winnie The Pooh, is that not a compliment?”
“I understand your train of thought, soft an cuddly and stuffed with fluffies…”
…”But honey, no, a grown ass man does not want to hear he looks like a chubby yellow bear”.

She was shocked. I get it, I do, in parent’s world, Winnie the Pooh is like the most awesome thing you can call someone. It’s hard meeting them “no-kids” folk who don’t understand. In her defence he was quite drunk and walking around with his tummy sticking out from his shirt so he DID look a lot like Winnie the Pooh.

Anyway, I’m a stickler for being too comfortable myself. Like this weekend, not realizing (putting two and two together with the name is what I should’ve done) I was talking to a former Swedish Eurovision winner (1984, year of my birth, it was a huuuuge win back then!) and we babbled away about streaming like I was talking to anybody and everybody. On how the people who wrote Meghan Trainor’s All About that Bass only made 5000 dollars one 1 million streams. Only a while after I realize who I was talking to.
Same thing with Kate Bush. I’ve once attended the Ivor Novellos, and I was only 17 so I wasn’t quite the music encyclopedia I am today. I recognized the Abbas, Sting, All Saints, Spice Girls, I wasn’t a complete idiot. But people insisted I get this Kate Bush lady’s autograph and have a chat with her. Now that I know who she is I have no idea how I stayed so calm. Again, the bliss of not knowing. To me she was just this nice woman, who kind of looked a little like me but shorter and didn’t that song she made that they played sound really good?

I tend to do this all the time with celebrity. I think because, at the end of the day, they are very normal people with special skills and a stroke of luck in their life. We’re the same, no matter how kliché that sounds. I actually hope I stay an idiot. Everyone deserves to be met, treated and talked with in the same way (a nice way, of course). If nothing else, It makes for some interesting stories afterwards! 😉

Pole Position Productions. Score and Sound for the Mad Max computer game, among other things. I’m sure I’d be nervous if I was a gamer…



End of Winter

I have to do a photo walk around feb 2nd, as that date, Imbolc or Kyndelsmässodagen/ Kindlemass, marks the end of winter. Not quite the beginning of spring, but the beginning to end of the cold, if you know what I mean.

I discovered that even if spring isn’t quite here yet, it’s well on its way and sort of awakening from it’s slumber. Ice is melting, sun is shining, the trees are getting more colour in the bark and every here and there you find small, small buds. Life beginning. You feel a bit connected too, as it’s kinda symbolic for human life. Encountering winter/cold every now and then and slowly blooming up again when we’ve walked through it.

Anyways, I liked all the angles of the icicles so I decided to publish them all, you can see them dripping slowly 😀


New official video Sand Box!

For this one I decided to pull together help from friends, in this case I quite sarcastically display them as “freaks” and they were good sports about it.

Somewhere along the planning the circus director I play became this very scary silent movie character, but I must say, THAT I had super fun with. Think of her as a clinically insane mix between Freddie Mercury, Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. I know I do.