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I looooathe hearing stories about how you hate your own music, I really do. In a previous blog I did talk about you not having to be a fan of your own music to make it. That’s an entirely different thing altogether. You can listen to Hip Hop and make Pop. You can be all about Sly and the Family Stone and still make pop, non motown-ish hits. You can be all rock’n’roll yet your specialty is ballads and slow dance and hooks all the way, like say for example Max Martin. Here’s the difference. Max Martin doesn’t put lots of work down on his hits and go: “Wow, people actually listen to this crap?” The Backstreet Boys may have a gospel, hiphop,soul, whatever background but are still quite willing to represent their hits and greatest moments without making fun of their fans.

Let me give you an example. In my late teens I got a “best of Nirvana” CD. Just cause I was quite fond of them and the songs they’ve put out and I’m not that big of a fan that I would get the individual albums. Plus it contained a new, unreleased track, always a bit worth it. We discussed it at school and someone who wanted to piss on the mood said: “You know Kurt hated all their songs, right?” I retorted with Kurt’s depression and insecurities that may have made him a bit apprehensive to his own music, but the whole Nirvana experience still didn’t give me quite the sweet taste after that.

I’ve heard some great musical talents do their thing and gigging in different genres, but as soon as I heard the song writers, trying to appear blaha and passé and cool, going; “yeah, we just did that to make fun of everybody” my hard-on for them and their creative process seriously decreases. What a f*cking waste of talent, man! Let somebody else, with the same drive and talent but with greater abilities of humility, who realizes it’s actually great to have listeners give it a go, then! “I give my worst songs to this act”… well don’t, love. If you admit it, I’m not interested. Dont waste anyone’s time with your fake sense of blasé, that makes you even more fake. Either be happy with the attention and think well of your listeners or don’t and give your pretentions a rest altogether. The middle way makes you an un-sexy douche here.

On another note, here’s ice melting in Sweden as spring is approaching;



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