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A walking study

If you get the chance to, and you want to take great pictures, I think the key is practice. Practice when you’ve gotten a new camera, try new things when it’s a camera you’re used to, keep pointing and clicking. I’ve had the runthrough when it comes to the artsy part of photography, the key pointers, the lines, the thirds, the whole shebabah.

I do think of it occasionally but mostly I just end up taking the picture from some angle I find interesting myself, for good or bad.

I had to do another photo walk today. Snow and frost has mixed together to make all new elements to photograph. And you never know how long it lasts so if you have the time… I got off work at 12 this morning, so I sure had the opportunity, although it’s a mix between the mobile phone camera and the Nikon. And fingers hurt like hell as I had to take the mittens off!

Worth it though. The selfie is me walking on frozen solid lake in Skärv, a treat in itself.






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2 responses to “A walking study

  1. These pictures are amazing. Like wow!!!

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