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Product recommendation

I do these from time to time. If it’s a creative music blog then you might want to hear about the stuff I use, regardless of if you think it sounds good or not. You know, I’ve always believed in individual taste, so if you don’t like the way I do things, that’s OK, and then you might know what to avoid. And if you like it, well, you might want to buy it. It’s usually budget recommendations that are nice for your wallet.

My song mic is a Neumann, granted. The small one, will set you back about 500 €, it’s a TLM 103 and it produces a very crisp sound, which works on my voice. If you find it too crisp, EQ will fix that in a jiffy, just don’t overdo it and lower the high frequencies too much and you’re gold on sound.

I’ve developed a taste for Behringer. Inexpensive products that sound good, in my opinion. Since I started working with the closed headphones HPS 3000, which I have recommended in an earlier blog, live recordings have a lot less hard-to-wash-off background disturbances. The speakers, MS40, I’ve used to mix some of my latest material, and again, I think the sound has gotten cleaner, better and less bass-y, though I’m still working on making that perfect and just right. Anyway, the mixes sound better, and I think I’ve got the right speakers, they just need their mix-woman to perfect her stuff.

I use UMX610 (Behringer again) as a midi-keyboard, because it’s red and I’m a girl and I like pretty things, but also because it seems to get along brilliantly with my computer.

My latest acquisition; the C-2 stereo condenser microphones. I’ve only toyed around with them a little, but will use them later on for instruments that can benefit from stereo recording, and for that matter maybe to make a few live videos with seperate, better sound than the cameras can offer. The most ridiculous thing is I found them on a shopping site, (sort of like amazon but a lot smaller) where I’d probably never go look for them, but I decided to just have a look at whatever they had in music equipment. And there they were. Sending me back no more than 60€ and so far I think they sound pretty awesome! 🙂

Never under estimate those weird little cheap shopping sites!



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