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Christmas with the wives

The Wife Christmas sort of always feels like the proper one. This year we celebrated it at my place, so I brought out the goodgood camera to capture some of it.

It felt extra special because it was Al’s birthday, so her sisters decided to go all the way to Skara and crash the party for a couple of hours, which I think was the best birthday present of all.

However, three kids, under five, under one roof with sugar, chocolate and ginger bread in their system? I think my uterus withdrew up to my lungs.

Anyways, here are  some goodgood pics the goodgood camera took. While Isolde is well adapted to social media and can speak for herself now (and mama allows it), I’m hiding the faces of the other kids. I only show them on closed “friends only” social media. If you’re a creep who logs into social media of friends of mine just to have a peek I can’t do much about it, but then you have another set of problems. Stop being creepy. Respect privacy. If not mine, then the kid’s…






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