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Maria Tries 2: Make-over

This edition of Maria Tries I sorta just ended up doing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have a minor make-up interest. But it’s mostly for shows and music videos, like “how am I gonna be messed up Dorothy at this gig, let’s have a look at Judy Garland” or “How can I look like a possessed freak for this music video, let’s look at zombie-tutorials.” Contouring, high lighting? Count me out. But at work the other day one of my co-workers pointed out how she thinks her face is too sharp, too masculine. You know, sharp features. And I just casually said: “Oh, with me it’s the other way around. My face is round as balls. No clear features.”

Now I can’t be sure, but I think in some people’s heads there’s a funny translation going on when a friend says something like that to them, like; “bee-boop, be-boop- I want a make-over!”

So of course I ended up in the make-up chair. With like an hour of goo and product slapped on my face. All the while getting my cheeks pinched and face being studied from top to bottom.
“You have no pores! Like… come on… look at her! I’d die for your skin! Why don’t you have any pores? And no lines? That’s baby skin right there, look!”
“Oh yeah, and look at her eyes! Big eyes! Crazy big! And all that space between eyes and eyebrows… Like… you have eyelids! Visible eyelids! You don’t even have pores on your nose, look!”
And with that she squeezed my nose shut, probably to prove no black-heads were seeping out.
Me: “Errrb… Hubb?” (Eeeerm, hun?)
Me: “I still beed (need) it to breathe”
“Oh, right, sorry”

They also pointed out my none-tweezed eyebrows, but all in all I seemed to be a very exciting practise mannequin for them. Personally, I see absolutely no difference. My face is supposed to be sharper and my eyes bigger. I dunno. I scratched of half of the mascara after an hour because my eyes were itching. I think I’ll stick with my procedure (Far down). It takes five minutes… (sorry about not finding similar filters)


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One response to “Maria Tries 2: Make-over

  1. johnnielynn ⋅

    That’s what’s great about make up, that you can wear as much or as little to make you feel confident and beautiful.

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