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Human Kindness

I’m left wing. As far left as you can vote in Swedish politics? That’s where you’ll find my vote. Right wing to me looks sorta like the failed parent’s generation, like you should have moved out of their house already and grown out of their opinions. Yet here come these small-minded copies that have no place in 2015. It sounds harsh, but that’s how I feel. Especially with the extreme right gaining foothold here by the second, as you may have heard.

Therefor, it may come as a surprise to you that I’ve got a really close friend voting far right, the furthest, the Sweden Democ(b)rats. When not discussing certain politics, we have a great time. When discussing them, I do get a little frustrated, but she loves listening to my point of view and says she’s in awe of how smart and wise I am and how big my heart is. Occasionally, I convert her. Not completely, but give me time. Bit by bit, every little step and all that.

But she said something the other day that sort of made me dispondent. “Humans are bad. Basically bad. Not good”. If that’s part of what drives the right extremists then we have a problem. Because that’s a catch 22.

You have to want to believe humans are kind first. Then you’ll see the kindness easier, and let’s face it, you won’t be very kind if someone treats you like you’re not. I had to fight damn hard to see it because I really WANTED to believe, so badly, and it took some time but I got there. You can’t force people to want to see goodness. That might be one of the many roots of the problem (I am aware that there are many facets and dimensions) and it’s a tough nut to crack.

I’ll leave you with an arty pic I like to call “Through the rubberducky veil”. OK, it’s just me posing with my shower curtain because I love rubber ducks.



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