Christmas with the wives

The Wife Christmas sort of always feels like the proper one. This year we celebrated it at my place, so I brought out the goodgood camera to capture some of it.

It felt extra special because it was Al’s birthday, so her sisters decided to go all the way to Skara and crash the party for a couple of hours, which I think was the best birthday present of all.

However, three kids, under five, under one roof with sugar, chocolate and ginger bread in their system? I think my uterus withdrew up to my lungs.

Anyways, here areĀ  some goodgood pics the goodgood camera took. While Isolde is well adapted to social media and can speak for herself now (and mama allows it), I’m hiding the faces of the other kids. I only show them on closed “friends only” social media. If you’re a creep who logs into social media of friends of mine just to have a peek I can’t do much about it, but then you have another set of problems. Stop being creepy. Respect privacy. If not mine, then the kid’s…





Coconuts, Whatsup?

Got a Harry Nilsson “best of” the other day, it was mad cheap, so I thought why not, he’s pretty awesome, one of those geniouses who can do a little bit of everything in every genre, like the original of “Without you” (otherwise I think you know Mariah Careys version the best) and the exotic “Coconut”, “One” and so on and so on…

SO HOW CAN A “BEST OF” NOT CONTAIN “COCONUT”? Come on! I love that friggin song! It almost makes me believe that belly ache can be cured with the lime in the coconut.

Anyway, not apropou that at all, here’s a cover from 4 Non Blondes requested by a friend. Pushed my voice like fudge. Too bad I couldn’t get real strings, they would have sounden wicked cool…

Maria Tries 2: Make-over

This edition of Maria Tries I sorta just ended up doing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have a minor make-up interest. But it’s mostly for shows and music videos, like “how am I gonna be messed up Dorothy at this gig, let’s have a look at Judy Garland” or “How can I look like a possessed freak for this music video, let’s look at zombie-tutorials.” Contouring, high lighting? Count me out. But at work the other day one of my co-workers pointed out how she thinks her face is too sharp, too masculine. You know, sharp features. And I just casually said: “Oh, with me it’s the other way around. My face is round as balls. No clear features.”

Now I can’t be sure, but I think in some people’s heads there’s a funny translation going on when a friend says something like that to them, like; “bee-boop, be-boop- I want a make-over!”

So of course I ended up in the make-up chair. With like an hour of goo and product slapped on my face. All the while getting my cheeks pinched and face being studied from top to bottom.
“You have no pores! Like… come on… look at her! I’d die for your skin! Why don’t you have any pores? And no lines? That’s baby skin right there, look!”
“Oh yeah, and look at her eyes! Big eyes! Crazy big! And all that space between eyes and eyebrows… Like… you have eyelids! Visible eyelids! You don’t even have pores on your nose, look!”
And with that she squeezed my nose shut, probably to prove no black-heads were seeping out.
Me: “Errrb… Hubb?” (Eeeerm, hun?)
Me: “I still beed (need) it to breathe”
“Oh, right, sorry”

They also pointed out my none-tweezed eyebrows, but all in all I seemed to be a very exciting practise mannequin for them. Personally, I see absolutely no difference. My face is supposed to be sharper and my eyes bigger. I dunno. I scratched of half of the mascara after an hour because my eyes were itching. I think I’ll stick with my procedure (Far down). It takes five minutes… (sorry about not finding similar filters)

Mallards are evil

Been spending most of today laying down instruments for the cover, as you may suspect from me mentioning snot tissue, I have a bit of a cold, so no song recordings at the moment. It’s mostly the nose. And one nostril. Quite annoying. No problems with the throat, but a clogged up nose still sounds bad when you sing, the “nnn” and “mmm” sounds end up sounding like “bbbb”. I usually get really ill twice a year. High fever, a real cold. It hasn’t happened yet (knock on wood) don’t know if it’s the yoga I started up in April that’s been good to my immune system, I’m not questioning. But the one clogged up nostril is just as bad as any other year. I blow my nose and the area around the nostril ends up looking like “shrunken foreskin” as I like to put it, as it dries up from all the nose blowing action.

So I also took a good walk today. It’s OK as long as you don’t have a fever, it’s recommended to clear the airways. So I took my shrunken foreskin outside and went for a walk. And the mallards you see in the picture laughed. No really, I’m sure they laughed at me. Which is why I posted this pic with the hashtag “Mallards are evil” and to my surprise, I wasn’t the first one using this hashtag. Guess others caught on before me. Evil, laughing creatures. Joke’s on them, being forced to be outside all winter.

Anyways, here’s a pic and another one of the great “christmas buck” (a thing here in Sweden) with our big Skara church in the background. Enjoy! And please don’t do a close-up of my nose. I’ve already told you it’s “shrunken foreskin”-nasty…


December doings

I’m working on all sorts and tonnes of stuff at the same time, I’m having fun with it. Again, putting less pressure on yourself to get something done usually means you get loads done. While working on the last couple of videos for “Scarletters” and “Scarnotes” I’ve started work on the new album, I think there might be a lot more songs on it than nine. Not that I’m pressuring myself there either, if only nine are any good then nine it is, but I’ve always loved albums with a rich variety as well as a quantity of songs, like Tori Amo’s albums.

I am also working on a cover requested by a friend. I know, I’ve been doing a lot of those lately, apart from Silence, which felt important. But if you’re multi-inspired, just go with it. And I am very succeptible to flattery; “This would fit your voice perfectly”… oh, yeah… suck me in why dont you…

By the way, my animals are disgusting. Ringo stole my snot tissue today and carried it away to some hiding place where he proceeded to eat it. Gross dude. Just gross. I can’t believe those little furballs are intelligent enough to proof read my work…



Frankie says Relax

I decided to have a few days with no pressure to get anything done other than my usual plans. I like to be active, I like to juggle, I like to work, but at times it’s just good to let go.

So I went to the logic course not distracted by anything else I needed to get done and oh yeah, I got me some good listening! Better than in a long time. I couldn’t do this all the time, I AM a serious workaholic, but the sporadic break here and there is all good.

Today’s photos; A bit of christmas light, and a close-up of Ringo that’s quite uncommon (he moves around a lot).

To all a good night

It’s dark. The world, I mean. Right now. Not entirely, I still see good people and specks of light everywhere, but the dark sure has a way of being very intrusive and hard to ignore. I take solace in the fact that there are so many helping, while I at the same time feel ashamed for my country’s behaviour. I would like to apologize for it right now. 

I keep my spirits up with music and gorgeous morning views like this, remember to find that thing that keeps your spirit up, it’s important.


Human Kindness

I’m left wing. As far left as you can vote in Swedish politics? That’s where you’ll find my vote. Right wing to me looks sorta like the failed parent’s generation, like you should have moved out of their house already and grown out of their opinions. Yet here come these small-minded copies that have no place in 2015. It sounds harsh, but that’s how I feel. Especially with the extreme right gaining foothold here by the second, as you may have heard.

Therefor, it may come as a surprise to you that I’ve got a really close friend voting far right, the furthest, the Sweden Democ(b)rats. When not discussing certain politics, we have a great time. When discussing them, I do get a little frustrated, but she loves listening to my point of view and says she’s in awe of how smart and wise I am and how big my heart is. Occasionally, I convert her. Not completely, but give me time. Bit by bit, every little step and all that.

But she said something the other day that sort of made me dispondent. “Humans are bad. Basically bad. Not good”. If that’s part of what drives the right extremists then we have a problem. Because that’s a catch 22.

You have to want to believe humans are kind first. Then you’ll see the kindness easier, and let’s face it, you won’t be very kind if someone treats you like you’re not. I had to fight damn hard to see it because I really WANTED to believe, so badly, and it took some time but I got there. You can’t force people to want to see goodness. That might be one of the many roots of the problem (I am aware that there are many facets and dimensions) and it’s a tough nut to crack.

I’ll leave you with an arty pic I like to call “Through the rubberducky veil”. OK, it’s just me posing with my shower curtain because I love rubber ducks.