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Grimm tales

I’ve been working hard the last few weeks to create new routines, so I’ve been a bit quiet, because new habits are always a bit more time consuming before you’ve settled into them. It’s mostly so I can squeeze in more of the music, which means you’ll know soon enough what I’m working on when I’ve gotten the beat down.

I can tell you I’ve been reading a Tales of the Brothers Grimm collection left to me by grandpa, and wow, it’s like reading little horror stories. Rape, murder, abuse, child abuse, racism, no moral lessons whatsoever. A princess throws a frog into the wall and he turns into a prince who wants to marry her, that’s one of the less violent examples. Animal abuse never looked so consequence free. I have to put the book down at times, like when a father beheads his twins and then he gets them back for being a “good man” and beheading them in the first place. Eugh.

Let me tell you, Grimm tales? Grim indeed…



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2 responses to “Grimm tales

  1. Andy

    I’ve recently got the new collection of these by Phillip Pullman. My intention was to read a story per night to my children…now I’m not so sure.

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