Live Music Photography

I’m a big fan of trying to get some nice live shots in, actually good enough to have been used by bands in blogs and press releases/newspapers so I guess I do a decent job! Here are some live pics from release party of a Swedish band; The Gloria Story, I recommend you checks them out on the youtube or the apple music or the spotify. Also, wow, I put this really drab Skara silouette in my last post when I was supposed to put out a nice contrast photo I took, so here you go;



New lyric video which I started working on right before the situation got worse in Sweden (school racist terrorism, border control, faux terrorist threats) and it just seems to be getting more and more relevant, to my dismay.

Anyways, an anti-racism piece, very Sweden influenced so if you don’t have the Swede situation in check it might be hard to grasp the pics, but the lyrics are universal.

Enjoy my new video! ;

I saw the sign

Considering the name of the song I’m working on I find it a little amusing that I’m learning sign language at the day job right now. It’s fun though! I’m always looking to learn more languages, I love diving in to linguistics.

So far “bra” has been useful. “Coffee” I knew before, obvs, “hamburger”, “thanks” and “vegetarian” are nice too! 🙂 I love “but”. It looks like an obscence Italian gesture of some sort.

But the most apt may just be “brown”, the lil’ Adolf stache.


Grimm tales

I’ve been working hard the last few weeks to create new routines, so I’ve been a bit quiet, because new habits are always a bit more time consuming before you’ve settled into them. It’s mostly so I can squeeze in more of the music, which means you’ll know soon enough what I’m working on when I’ve gotten the beat down.

I can tell you I’ve been reading a Tales of the Brothers Grimm collection left to me by grandpa, and wow, it’s like reading little horror stories. Rape, murder, abuse, child abuse, racism, no moral lessons whatsoever. A princess throws a frog into the wall and he turns into a prince who wants to marry her, that’s one of the less violent examples. Animal abuse never looked so consequence free. I have to put the book down at times, like when a father beheads his twins and then he gets them back for being a “good man” and beheading them in the first place. Eugh.

Let me tell you, Grimm tales? Grim indeed…